GitLab and Google Cloud have announced a new partnership to deliver greater value to their customers. The result is that GitLab’s DevSecOps platform will gain the generative AI capabilities that Google Cloud has to offer. 

“GitLab’s vision for generative AI is grounded in privacy, security, and transparency. Our partnership with Google Cloud enables GitLab to offer private and secure AI-powered features, while maintaining customer data in our cloud infrastructure,” said David DeSanto, chief product officer at GitLab. “This allows us to harness the power of Google Cloud, while continuing GitLab’s privacy-first approach to customer data. We look forward to our continued collaboration to deliver enterprise-grade AI-assisted functionalities to joint customers.” 

One of the new features is called “Explain this Vulnerability,” which provides natural language descriptions of vulnerabilities and also offers recommendations on what to do about them.

GitLab also has some existing AI features in its platform, such as Code Suggestions and Suggested Reviewers. There are also developer productivity features like Explain this Code, Summarize Issue Comments, and Summarize Merge Request Changes. 

The hope that GitLab has with this partnership is to improve “DevSecOps workflow efficiency by 10x.” According to a recent survey by the company, 62% of developers used AI to check code in 2023, which was up from just 51% in 2022. They also found that 36% use AI for code review. 

“Organizations today are required to deliver software faster than ever before to remain competitive while requiring a stronger security posture in order to maintain customer, investor, and stakeholder trust,” said June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. “Together with GitLab, we’ll be able to deliver generative AI functionality that empowers our joint customers to increase delivery velocity without sacrificing security.”