JetBrains has introduced an AI Assistant in all of its IDEs, with availability in other JetBrains products expected soon. 

“Empowering developers with AI-backed features supports the long-standing mission of JetBrains: to improve your experience by automating common and repetitive tasks, enabling you to stay in the flow and focus on the big picture,” said Svetlana Zemlyanskaya, team lead for AI Assistant at JetBrains. “We can now incorporate these features seamlessly into your workflows. Because our IDEs have a deep understanding of your code and project structure, AI Assistant is so easy to use and already yields great results.”

Developers can ask it questions about their project or ask it to iterate on a specific task. Its code assistance features include multiline code completion, documentation and test generation, refactoring, code explanation, and more. 

While the JetBrains’ IDEs supply the AI Assistant with detailed information on project code and its structure, the company claims that only necessary information is sent and that the data isn’t used to train any generative AI models.

According to the company, AI Assistant uses a combination of OpenAI models and its own proprietary models. It is also working to expand to work with other third-party models as well. 

“We are excited to partner with JetBrains and provide our advanced coding models for use in JetBrains AI,” said Warren Barkley, senior director of product management for Vertex AI at Google Cloud. “By integrating with Codey and Vertex AI, JetBrains can significantly improve developer experiences with AI-powered code completion, debugging, and generative explanations to accelerate every stage of the software development lifecycle.”