OpenAI is opening up a new school for robots. The artificial intelligence research company announced the open-source software Roboschool. Roboschool is integrated with OpenAI Gym, and provides an environment for robot simulation.

Through OpenAI, Roboschool provides 12 different environments for controlling robots, and it provides a way to train multiple agent at once in one environment. Tasks researchers can leverage include walking, multiplayer Pong, having two or more legs on the ground, and providing humanoid benefits.

More information is available here.

SmartBear releases ServiceV Pro 2.0
SmartBear released ServiceV Pro 2.0, the latest version of its service virtualization product. The new version introduces Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Virtualization, which speeds up development and testing.

According to SmartBear, JDBC Virtualization lets development continue unabated, no matter the state or availability of the database. The transactions can be recorded through a user interface, and if the database is unavailable, the responses can be replayed in the virtualized environment, said the company.

Additionally, SmartBear introduced an enhanced version of VirtServer, its add-on to ServiceV Pro that lets teams share virtual services on the network on in the cloud. It also makes it easier to manage shared virtual services through a new web-based interface. Administrators will be able to manage, monitor and track all the shared virtual services with these updates.

IBM and Nutanix announce new hyperconverged solution
IBM and Nutanix are partnering up to provide software teams with a turnkey hyperconverged solution that targets critical workloads in large enterprises. The partnership will deliver a full-stack combination with built-in AHV virtualization for simple experiences in data centers.

The initiative brings new workloads to hyperconverged deployments by delivering cognitive workloads, including Big Data, machine learning, AI, and more. It includes cloud native workload, such as full-stack open-source middleware and enterprise databases and containers.

“Hyperconverged systems continue on a rapid growth trajectory, with a market size forecast of nearly $6 billion by 2020. IT teams now recognize the need, and the undeniable benefits, of embracing the next generation of datacenter infrastructure technology,” said Stefanie Chiras, vice president of Power Systems at IBM. “Our partnership with Nutanix will be designed to give our joint enterprise customers a scalable, resilient, high-performance hyperconverged infrastructure solution, benefiting from the data and compute capabilities of the POWER architecture and the one-click simplicity of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”

VMware to acquire Apteligent
VMware is acquiring Apteligent, a mobile application performance and engagement insights provider. Apteligent helps mobile application developers and IT organizations analyze mobile app performance in real-time, and it helps them understand user behavior for their mission critical apps.
VMware plans to leverage Apteligent’s performance management capabilities with its Digital Workspace Platform. According to the company, this will give enterprise users better mobile performance management, business insights, and application behavior analytics solutions.