OutSystems is letting customers know what they can expect down the road from the company when it comes to AI integrations. To start, today the company announced new connectors from OpenAI, including one for ChatGPT. 

With the option to use ChatGPT within OutSystems, customers will be able to create applications that include conversational interfaces, supporting a wide range of use cases, like customer support, virtual assistants, travel and booking applications, and language translations. 

Looking ahead, OutSystems envisions a future where low-code developers can use generative AI to create a mockup of an application, which can then be customized further by the developer. This will allow developers to get started quickly and rapidly iterate on their ideas. 

Another aspect of the roadmap is using OutSystems’ app ecosystem to train and fine-tune generative AI models. This will enable it to provide full-stack suggestions, from the data layer to the UI. 

OutSystems is also thinking of the “black box problem,” which refers to the issue where people don’t really understand what is happening inside an AI system and how it is coming up with its responses. The company believes its more visual language will make it easier to validate AI output, while its advanced compiler technology will allow for threat and code pattern detection.

It will also work to continue expanding its ecosystem of connectors, teaming up with companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.  

“OutSystems is absolutely focused on developer productivity without tradeoffs,” said Paulo Rosado, founder and CEO of OutSystems. “When we developed our first product, software was a manual process and most development projects across every industry and company size shipped late and over budget. We heard this over and over again. This is where we directed our mission back then, and it’s how we’ve evolved it to today. Our AI platform delivers orders of magnitude more efficiency for dev teams. Unlike other vendors who happily check the box on AI and speed, we know that’s just the surface. Our deep investment in an AI-backed platform, with strict oversight and built-in governance, helps ensure every app meets the highest standards of enterprise readiness.”