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GPT-4o launches as OpenAI’s newest model

OpenAI today rolled out GPT-4o, its newest flagship model that is faster than GPT-4 yet maintains the same level of intelligence and builds on its voice, vision and text capabilities, according to the organization’s announcement. The new model takes understanding of images to a higher level. In its announcement, OpenAI gave this example: “You can … continue reading

ChatGPT Plus users now get access to GPT-4 Turbo model

OpenAI has announced that paid ChatGPT users now have access to GPT-4 Turbo, which is the company’s most advanced model. The new model improves writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding capabilities.  According to OpenAI, the use of GPT-4 Turbo will result in more direct and concise results from ChatGPT that use more conversational language compared … continue reading

ChatGPT no longer requires users to sign up

OpenAI is opening up ChatGPT to more users by enabling use of the platform without needing to create an OpenAI account.  “It’s core to our mission to make tools like ChatGPT broadly available so that people can experience the benefits of AI. More than 100 million people across 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly to learn … continue reading

ChatGPT can now read responses out loud

OpenAI today announced that ChatGPT now has the capability to read responses aloud to you, allowing for a more hands-free experience.  For example, it could read aloud the ingredients for a recipe so that you can be roaming around your kitchen as you listen, rather than having to carry your phone around with you and … continue reading

Next for Gen AI: Small, hyper-local and what innovators are dreaming up

In late 2022, ChatGPT had its “iPhone moment” and quickly became the poster child of the Gen AI movement after going viral within days of its release. For LLMs’ next wave, many technologists are eyeing the next big opportunity: going small and hyper-local.  The core factors driving this next big shift are familiar ones: a … continue reading

OpenAI announces GPT Store and ChatGPT Team

OpenAI announced two major initiatives: the GPT Store and ChatGPT Team. The GPT Store aims to connect users with highly rated and practical custom versions of ChatGPT and ChatGPT Team is a new plan tailored for smaller teams, granting access to GPT-4, DALL·E 3, and advanced data analysis tools.  Users of ChatGPT have already created … continue reading

OpenAI now allows users to create their own custom versions of ChatGPT

Today at its OpenAI DevDay event, OpenAI announced a number of updates across its platform. One of the announcements is that the company now allows users to create their own custom versions of ChatGPT, called GPTs, for specific purposes. Some examples of GPTs that have already been created include Game Time, which explains rules to … continue reading

Voice and image capabilities added to ChatGPT

OpenAI is introducing new features for voice and image interactions. These features provide a more intuitive way to communicate with ChatGPT, allowing users to engage in voice conversations and share visual content to enhance the conversation. The addition of voice and image features in ChatGPT offers users more versatile ways to use the tool in … continue reading

Analyst View: Is AI coming for software development?

AI (as in Artificial Intelligence, not ‘augmented’ or ‘automated’ intelligence) has rapidly become a transformational factor for dozens of markets, including software development itself.  Even if we were aware that generative AIs like ChatGPT can ultimately generate bullshit, as my colleague Jason Bloomberg says, and we know they are getting overhyped across social networks and … continue reading

You can now add preferences for ChatGPT to consider when generating its responses

OpenAI has announced the availability of a new feature in ChatGPT to allow customers to make the chatbot fit their needs. Custom instructions can now be used to add preferences or requirements for ChatGPT to use when generating responses. Custom instructions can be applied to all future conversations, eliminating the need to restate these requirements … continue reading

OutSystems unveils roadmap for generative AI usage

OutSystems is letting customers know what they can expect down the road from the company when it comes to AI integrations. To start, today the company announced new connectors from OpenAI, including one for ChatGPT.  With the option to use ChatGPT within OutSystems, customers will be able to create applications that include conversational interfaces, supporting … continue reading

Generative AI and software testing: Here’s what our experiments with generative AI and software testing found

Amid the cacophony of noise about generative AI and software development, we haven’t seen much thoughtful discussion about software testing specifically. We’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT’s test writing capabilities and wanted to share our findings. In short: we conclude that ChatGPT is only somewhat useful for writing tests today, but we expect that to change … continue reading Protection Status