OpenAI today announced that ChatGPT now has the capability to read responses aloud to you, allowing for a more hands-free experience. 

For example, it could read aloud the ingredients for a recipe so that you can be roaming around your kitchen as you listen, rather than having to carry your phone around with you and be reading from the screen. 

On iOS and Android, you can tap and hold ChatGPT’s response and you will see an option to “Read Aloud.” To access this feature on the web, tap the new speaker icon that now shows up under the message. Users can set it to automatically read aloud all of their future messages in a particular conversation as well. 

Users can also ask it to pause, fast forward, or rewind, and can change the preferred voice of the reader. 

This feature is available now on iOS and Android and has begun rolling out on the web. 

Additionally, OpenAI has updated the voice-to-text icon to be a microphone, which it believes will help users find that option more easily.