Vercel, creator of the Next.js framework, has announced that the beta for its v0 offering is now accessible to everyone. It has removed the waitlist, opening it up to the 100K+ people that were previously waitlisted. 

First announced in October 2023, v0 is a generative AI product that allows you to easily create web interface components based on prompts. It will take your prompt and use open-source tools like React, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI to provide you with a component that you can then integrate into your codebase. 

It generates multiple options and you are allowed to select the one that works best as a starting point for you, which you can then edit.

The website currently offers example components based on various sample prompts, including a contact form, a cookie consent banner, and a hero section in dark mode. 

“v0 transforms website design and development, simplifying the process for everyone,” said Jared Palmer, vice president of AI at Vercel. “This technology accelerates web development, empowering developers and non-technical users alike to craft advanced UIs effortlessly from text prompts and images.”

V0 comes in both free and paid options. Each provides a certain number of “credits,” which is linked to generated components (generations). The free offering comes with 200 credits per month and the paid version costs $20 per month and comes with 5,000 credits per month.