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Vercel removes waitlist for generative AI tool for creating UI components

Vercel, creator of the Next.js framework, has announced that the beta for its v0 offering is now accessible to everyone. It has removed the waitlist, opening it up to the 100K+ people that were previously waitlisted.  First announced in October 2023, v0 is a generative AI product that allows you to easily create web interface … continue reading

Vercel’s new Conformance feature detects issues earlier in the development lifecycle

Vercel is releasing new features in its Developer Experience Platform to enable development teams to “move fast, don’t break things.” “As organizations grow, it can become hard to sustain fast release cycles without diminishing code health and letting errors slip into production. It shouldn’t be this way. We should be able to move fast without … continue reading

Next.js 14 is now officially available, with addition of Server Actions and Partial Prerendering features

Today at the Next.js Conf, Vercel announced the release of the latest version of the React framework for web development, Next.js.  According to Vercel, Next.js 14 offers significant performance boosts, including 53% faster local server startup and 94% faster code updates using Fast Refresh.  Additionally, 5,000 “next dev” integration tests have now passed with Turbopack, … continue reading

Vercel launches beta for tool that uses generative AI to create UI components

Frontend development company Vercel is releasing a new tool that uses generative AI to help developers quickly create new website and user interface (UI) components.  Called v0, the new tool enables you to use plain text prompts to describe what you want and then receive a component generated based on your request.   “With v0, we’re … continue reading

Next.js 13.5 delivers 22% faster startup and optimized package imports

Vercel has announced the release of Next.js 13.5, which offers several improvements: 22% faster local server startup, 40% lessmemory usage, and optimized package imports.  The performance optimization have been driven by focusing on caching or minimizing slow operations, optimizing expensive file system operations, better incremental tree traversal during compilation, moving unnecessary blocking synchronous calls to … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Next.js Commerce

Next.js Commerce is a template for building ecommerce apps that was developed by Vercel.  It includes support for common ecommerce functions like out of stock items, order history, order status, item variation availability, hidden products, and dynamically driven content.  It allows applications to be styled using Tailwind CS and also uses Next.js’s metadata to optimize … continue reading

Vercel launches AI Acceletator, AI Playground, and more

Vercel has announced the launch of its AI Accelerator, a six-week program for early-stage startups to build and scale an AI solution. The program will be available to 40 participants. The accelerator will provide fireside chats and office hours with leading AI experts, as well as guidance and accountability from Vercel’s Developer Experience team. Participants … continue reading

Vercel introduces a suite of serverless storage solutions

Vercel announced its suite of serverless storage solutions: Vercel KV, Postgres, and Blob to make it easier to server render just-in-time data as part of the company’s efforts to “make databases a first-class part of the frontend cloud.” Vercel KV is a serverless Redis solution that’s easy and durable, powered by Upstash. With Vercel KV, … continue reading

Vercel announces Next.js 13 along with the acquisition of Splitbee

The team at Vercel, the platform for frontend developers, today introduced Next.js 13 in order to provide developers with heightened levels of flexibility and customization without the restrictions of technical limits. With this, users gain access to a redesigned approach to website layouts, data-fetching, and server-rendering. According to Vercel, Next.js 13 works to ship less … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android 12L in Beta 1; CloudBees raises $150 million in Series F; MariaDB announces new release model

Android released the first Beta of Android 12L, a feature drop for Android 12 that’s built for large screens, for users to test and provide feedback as they prepare apps for the feature drop coming early in 2022. Users can try the new large screens features by setting up Android Emulator in Android Studio. The … continue reading

Screenshot of Next.js Live

Next.js 11 now available with new live collaboration features

Vercel, the company behind the React and JavaScript framework Next.js, announced the release of Next.js 11 at its Next.js Conf.  New improvements include faster starts and changes, real-time feedback, live collaboration, and image optimizations.  Vercel announced a preview of Next.js Live, which enables developers to develop in their web browsers. According to the company, this … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Vercel raises $40 million to “build the next web,” AWS IoT Greengrass 20, and Lightrun’s new observability integrations

Vercel has announced a $40 million round of funding to “help everyone build the next web.” Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and serverless functions that focuses on helping front-end development. The round of funding was led by GV and included Greenoaks Capital, Bedrock Capital, Geodesic Capital, Accel Partners and CRV.  The company … continue reading Protection Status