Jive Software, Inc. today announced that Akamai Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications, has launched a new Akamai Community built on the JiveX external community solution. This self-service solution is intended to accelerate Internet innovation across Akamai’s extensive global ecosystem, including thousands of customers, partners, developers and employees. The community enables them to share best practices, collaborate online and exchange ideas more quickly and efficiently.

A nearly $2 billion software company, Akamai provides the platform used by many of the world’s top media, e-commerce, enterprise and public sector organizations to deliver over two trillion daily Internet transactions. Its new JiveX-powered Akamai Community connects customers with technical resources and subject matter experts through dedicated collaboration spaces on topics of mission-critical importance to their businesses, in areas such as web performance, media delivery, cloud security, cloud networking and network operations. The solution allows Akamai’s constituents to get answers on their own terms, in addition to traditional channels of support communication.

“Akamai’s mission is to accelerate innovation in our hyper-connected world by supporting a fast, reliable and secure Internet infrastructure. Our new community will drive this vision forward by providing a centralized place to rapidly share and disseminate the best practices for intelligent content delivery across online businesses,” said Judi Cardinal, community and knowledge program manager at Akamai. “We selected JiveX to underpin our self-service hub because it offers the most intuitive external community solution for bringing together every critical touch point we have with our customers, as well as a no-compromises approach to security.”

The JiveX Community lets Akamai’s customers and partners assist each other in real time through discussions, questions and answers, documents, blogs, ideas and polls. In addition, it allows members to follow specific people, places or content, and participate in interest groups with other like-minded individuals on topics such as the financial services industry or women in technology.  The community also provides secure, private groups for customers and partners to collaborate with their account teams, offer feedback on ideas that can influence the direction of the Akamai platform, and track the progress of specific requests. Beginning early next year, guests will be able to register for the Akamai Community and collaborate in all public spaces.

“It’s gratifying to work with Akamai and help them expand their competitive advantage by embracing and facilitating meaningful communication and collaboration across their ecosystem of customers, partners and developers,” said Chris Masino, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Jive Software. “Akamai is pursuing a rapid growth trajectory, and as the company scales, its JiveX community will further accelerate organic growth by helping to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, while also reducing the cost of client support.”

JiveX is an out-of-the-box, cloud-powered external community solution that lets companies connect, communicate and collaborate with their customers and partners – providing best-in-class experiences that drive brand affinity and repeat business. Jive has helped businesses around the world increase customer satisfaction, reduce content creation costs, and improve call deflection rates.