Rogue Wave Software’s Ian Goldsmith, and CA Technologies’ Bill Oakes and David Chiu make a case for their company’s API management solutions.

Ian Goldsmith, vice president of Akana product management at Rogue Wave Software
One of the easiest way to answer that is when you look at the analysts who do in-depth studies of these products such as Forrester, who provides one of the most detailed analysis of the products out there, they consistently rate us as one of the top leaders in the space.

They would say it is because we are a very mature platform. We are functionally extremely rich and we are also broad. We deliver a comprehensive solution. We have a very strong developer portal offering, and we have a very strong gateway offering. We enable all of the integration scenarios. We have a fully integrated and fully functional OAuth platform.

Functionally, we deliver all of the things that every other vendor delivers, but in a single solution. You might be able to get a good gateway from one vendor who doesn’t have a good portal. We have a great portal and a great gateway.

The deployment options is also a really big deal. We have the SaaS platform, we have on-premises, and we have hybrid. Hybrid is becoming more and more of a driving requirement. From a straight out security perspective, we are a PCI DSS 3.2 certified provider. We have an external auditor that we go through every year, and that means customers can use our SaaS platform to handle payment services and it means customers who are using the on premise environment are confident that they can use our products to build out their own PCI compliant environment. PCI is a pretty big deal. It is required if you are doing anything with credit card data, and it is also one of the more stringent regulatory environments so if we can comply with that we can comply with just about anything.

We are the vendor that offers the strongest security capabilities as part of the broadest solution with a very strong set of deployment options.

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Bill Oakes and David Chiu, directors of product marketing for CA API management:
Full lifecycle API management from CA is the most efficient and secure way to modernize your application architecture with APIs and microservices to create an agile business.  Our portfolio includes the industry’s most innovative solution for microservices, while continuing to provide the most trusted and complete capabilities across the API lifecycle for development, orchestration, security, management, monitoring, deployment, discovery and consumption.

Consider CA’s advantages:

  • Speed and agility
    • The only vendor with automated, low-code development for microservices and APIs
    • Create microservices and APIs with business rules instantly from existing data via an efficient point-and-click interface – unique to CA
    • Accelerates innovation and time-to-market without sacrificing scale or manageability
  • Breadth of functionality
    • The only vendor with a robust capability set that spans the entire API lifecycle
    • Enables every step of digital transformation with APIs – development, orchestration, security, management, monitoring, deployment, discovery and consumption
  • Security and scalability
    • Has proven security and scale for the largest, most demanding organizations
    • Is a leader in security, market presence, analyst evaluations, and customers in key industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, transportation, government, telecom, and others

CA API Management can generate microservices and APIs up to 10x faster than other approaches, and customers experience a 97% improvement in time-to-market for API-based digital transformation initiatives from 3 months to 3 days. And finally, CA has military-grade security and Common Criteria certification, meeting the demanding requirements of the U.S. DoD and other governments around the world.

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