It’s one thing for organizations to look at periodic alerts from their IT infrastructure, triage them and then remediate the problem (if necessary). In today’s Big Data world, though, there might be as many as 70,000 alerts coming through. That makes effective response nearly impossible.

Assaf Resnick recognized this problem when he founded BigPanda in 2012 to help IT services get a handle on changes in the data center. “It was Software-as-a-Service, geared at the folks keeping the lights on,” he said.

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Today, much service assurance is still manual, Resnick said. And because of this alert overload, “You can’t throw enough people at the problem,” he said. What BigPanda does, he explained, is “consume the machine data, aggregate it, normalize it and correlate it down to a level a human can grok.”

Today, BigPanda got a big boost in its efforts to deliver automated incident management with a US$5 million investment from Sequoia Capital, Battery Ventures, Mayfield and new investor Pelion Venture Partners, the company announced. This brings its Series B round of funding to a close at $21 million.

As organizations move to continuous delivery of software, automated infrastructure dependency modeling “is outdated before it hits the ground,” said Resnick. In the paradigm of Continuous Delivery, “You don’t want to do too much pre-production testing. Real-time monitoring is testing in production. It’s easy to monitor an app for one hour after deployment to see the effect of changes. You can see if it fails quickly,” he added.

Companies need multiple views into what’s happening in their infrastructure, and BigPanda slices across the various tools organizations use—whether they be New Relic or Splunk, Datadog or Nagios, CloudWatch or VMware—to single out container fleets or specific apps or microservices for their performance.

So today, BigPanda also announced it has signed a technology integration partnership with Atlassian for JIRA, HipChat and Bitbucket to help teams keep in sync with their monitoring stack, the company said. And what was an “elegant handshake” with ServiceNow has been expanded through an updated integration focused on “fixing the right problems faster,” according to the company announcement. The company claims an 86% reduction in mean time to recover when issues arise. BigPanda for ServiceNow is available in the ServiceNow Store as a free download.