DataRobot announced that it’s acquiring the MLOps platform Algorithmia to deepen its capabilities to unlock value from AI through better, faster, frictionless solutions for every part of the modern enterprise.

“We understand that businesses cannot get the value of their ML models unless they have the ability to deliver those models quickly, reliably, and at scale,” said Diego Oppenheimer, the CEO of Algorithmia. “It’s been clear to us for many years that DataRobot shares this philosophy, and we’re thrilled to combine our dedication of enabling customers to thrive in today’s market by delivering more models in production, faster, while protecting their business.”

Algorithmia’s model serving will be integrated into DataRobot’s existing monitoring and model management capabilities so that customers will be able to run any machine learning model. 

Synopsys announces Rapid Scan 

Synopsys announced the availability of new Rapid Scan capabilities within the company’s application security testing and Black Duck software composition analysis (SCA) solutions. 

Rapid Scan complements conventional application security testing activities by enabling development teams to perform fast SAST and SCA scans at every code check-in or early-stage build without slowing them down. 

“For organizations embracing DevSecOps, application security testing needs to follow suit. With Rapid Scan, Coverity and Black Duck users can run quick preventative scans to detect and eliminate surface-level vulnerabilities as their developers write and commit code, and they can use the same solutions to run deep scans later in the SDLC prior to deploying their applications.”

Thundra announces Foresight CI Observability Tool 

Thundra’s new Foresight CI observability tool helps developers understand applications’ behavior and the root causes of any failures. 

Thundra Foresight offers deep analytics and debugging capabilities for automated tests, and provides observability into the CI process. 

Users can see test run results, debug tests by using distributed traces and optimize CI performance. 

Additional details are available here achieves FedRAMP “In Process” status for its EAP tool announced that it’s the first company to achieve the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) “In Process” status, which will enable government agencies to use a secure, cloud-hosted version of the company’s Agility solution. 

“Today’s announcement is just the beginning as we work to bring our entire intelligent value stream delivery and management platform to FedRAMP,” said Derek Holt, the general manager of Agile and DevOps for “We believe FedRAMP as well as similar initiatives at state and local levels enable us to continue our leadership in meeting government agencies wherever they’re at in terms of modernizing infrastructure, be it modernizing on-premises systems, migrating to the cloud, or a mix of the two.”

FedRAMP is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standard approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.