Altova, creator of XMLSpy, the industry leadingXML editor, today announced general availability of its brand new family of high-performance server software products for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The new FlowForce Server manages the orchestration of events, triggers, and the automation of workflows and processes. MapForce Server automates any-to-any data mapping and aggregation processes, and StyleVision Server automates multi-channel report generation.
“This new line of server products represents a huge leap forward in effective automation of essential business processes, whether they require a single step, or multiple cascading steps starting with data aggregation and conversion and completing with multi-channel report generation. These high performance workflow servers help customers design information pipelines quickly and easily, and then deploy them in a flexible way, utilizing the power and speed afforded by multi CPU servers,” said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. “We’re excited to offer this new family of server products to our customers developing data integration and reporting projects using Altova MissionKit developer tools, as well as welcoming new customers who need a multi-platform, lightning fast orchestration engine.”
FlowForce Server is a powerful new tool for managing today’s multi-step, enterprise-level data aggregation, processing, and reporting tasks. With its straightforward Web browser interface, FlowForce Server empowers data architects, data analysts, and other IT professionals to implement, monitor, and manage a secure and robust data transformation server without writing or compiling any source code. FlowForce Server jobs can be triggered by date and time, by the arrival of files in hot folders, or by http command.
FlowForce Server provides strong security measures through user, role, job credential, and permission definitions that enable multiple simultaneous jobs while preventing unauthorized access to restricted data repositories or system resources.
Both MapForce Server and StyleVision Server, described below, can be managed using FlowForce Server to automate data integration and report generation projects with comprehensive job trigger, event handling, and access control configuration options.
MapForce Server performs high-speed data transformations for any combination of XML, database, flat file, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and/or Web services data based on data mapping projects defined using the Altova MapForce data integration tool.
When operating under the management of FlowForce Server, MapForce Server is a powerful transformation engine suitable for the high-volume, quick turn-around demands of today’s leading edge data centers. The standalone version is suitable in a department level or other small environment that does not require the extensive multi-tasking, job scheduling, and security features of FlowForce Server.
StyleVision Server automates multi-channel business report generation in HTML, PDF, RTF, and Word (Open XML) based on templates created in Altova StyleVision, a stylesheet and report design tool for XML and XBRL. StyleVision Server is ideally used in combination with FlowForce Server to automate rendering tasks in response to event triggers or time triggers. It may also be used stand-alone to meet smaller-scale automation needs that do not require the extensive job scheduling and security options.
FlowForce Server, MapForce Server, and StyleVision Server are initially available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions) and Linux (64-bit). The MacOS (64-bit) version will be available in May. They are offered under an annual licensing model based on the number of available CPU-cores in the server and are also available for a 30-day free trial.
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