Altova ( announced today the release of Version 2015 Release 3 of its desktop developer tools and server software products. This latest release delivers updated standards support for XPath/XQuery 3.1, innovative new tools for XPath and XQuery development, Web Services Security support, and much more.

“We are delighted to continue to add extensive support and functionality to our tried and true developer tools by incorporating customers’ most requested features, like Web Services Security,” said Alexander Falk, president and CEO of Altova. “It is feedback from our customers that enables us to keep our tools on the cutting edge of what is really needed in the competitive developer tools space.”

New features are detailed below.

XMLSpy 2015r3:

  • Support for XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1 adds to support for previous versions of the standards. New features in the 3.1 version include maps and arrays, which increase the flexibility and processing speed of XPath and XQuery statements significantly. Now, it’s easy for customers to harness these advantages in XMLSpy.
  • Significant enhancements to the XPath/XQuery Window in XMLSpy provide another boost of power for XSLT and XQuery developers. With new features such as Builder and Evaluator modes, enhancements to entry helpers, ready-to-use code snippets for complex expressions, and more, XPath and XQuery development is now faster and much easier to test.
  • To meet increasing demand for end-to-end security of Web services transactions, XMLSpy now supports authentication based on the Web Services Security (WS-Security) standard via client certificates as well as calling Web services via HTTPS.
  • Support for XBRL Extensible Enumerations is now provided in the XMLSpy XBRL Taxonomy Editor. Extensible Enumerations leave taxonomy editors free to augment the list of allowed values for a concept. This is particularly important for allowing enumeration values in multiple languages.

MapForce 2015r3:

  • String processing of input and output components in MapForce enables the classification of any text file component (XML, JSON, EDI, CSV, FLF, or FlexText) to be set as a string instead of as a file. This is useful when encountering data that is not stored in a file, but arrives in the form of a string of characters. Similarly, it may be necessary to generate data in a particular format that is not intended to be saved in a file, but instead will become a portion of a larger output stream.
  • FlexText support for Regular Expressions is an enhancement added to the FlexText utility for parsing and converting text files in MapForce. Support for regular expressions improves flexibility for processing complex files.
  • As described for XMLSpy (above) MapForce also now provides support for Web Services Security and other security extensions in data integration projects that consume Web Services data.
  • Updated data format support in MapForce includes Excel 2013 as well as additional EDIFACT and X12 EDI standards.

StyleVision 2015r3:

  • XBRL Table Linkbase 1.0 support in StyleVision makes it even easier to render multi-channel XBRL reports. When an XBRL Taxonomy that contains table linkbase(s) is specified as a source data structure in a StyleVision design, StyleVision can now access this information and generate any table automatically, based on its defined properties. You can refine the appearance of the table even further using the XBRL Table Wizard, if desired. Support for XBRL Table Linkbase speeds report design considerably.
  • As with XMLSpy, StyleVision now supports XPath 3.1 in addition to previous versions of the standard.

RaptorXML Server:

  • Support for processing XPath/XQuery 3.1 (see above)
  • Significant improvements to the Python interface of RaptorXML Server provide numerous new features for XML and XBRL processing.
  • Support for XBRL Extensible Enumerations (see above)

StyleVision Server & MapForce Server:

  • StyleVision Server and MapForce Server provide high-performance automation of report generation and execution of data mapping projects defined in StyleVision and MapForce, respectively. Consequently, these server products support the new features listed in the StyleVision and MapForce sections above.

For more details and a complete list of all of the new features included in version 2015r3, check out: