Beachfront Media, the video everywhere company, today introduced Video SDKs for iOS and Android app developers. The new Video SDKs allow developers to easily create video apps or add video experiences to existing apps across Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablet devices.

In addition to the seamless video player, video management, and video analytics, the Video SDKs also include a full video advertising platform, allowing developers to quickly monetize their apps using Beachfront.iO, a robust video advertising and video ad mediation platform.

“The biggest challenge facing brands and developers today is delivering high-quality video experiences across all devices, as well as advertising and analytics to profit from their applications,” said Frank Sinton, CEO and Founder of Beachfront Media. “With this announcement, we are removing the complex challenges associated with multi-platform video in app environments. Our Video SDKs make it easy to deploy, measure, and monetize video into apps, across every device, platform or experience.”

Benefits of Beachfront’s Video SDKs include:
• Add and curate video from any source to existing iOS and Android apps
• Manage video content across multiple devices from one dashboard
• Analyze viewer usage and engagement with the built-in Builder analytics toolset
• Monetize with mobile video advertising using the Beachfront.iO video ad platform

The Video SDKs are a developer-centric version of Beachfront Builder, a full-scale, self-service video app creation tool. Builder lets content companies create video apps once and publish across mobile, web, game console and Connected TV devices. Now, with Beachfront’s Video SDKs, developers can gain the same functionality as Builder customers with additional customization and integration options for new and existing apps.