CodeFights is updating its Interview Practice tool to help developers better prepare for their next job opportunity. With CodeFights, developers can practice their programming skills, learn new languages, and prepare for interviews in a community of more than 500,000 developers.

The latest version of Interview Practice allows developers to join a study plan with a timeline and a way to track progress, create their own plan, solve real interview questions, and go over essential topics.

“The key idea behind the new Interview Practice is creating an experience that is analogous to having a personal coach for the interview preparation process,” said Tigran Sloyan, founder and CEO of CodeFights. “We help users understand the overall landscape, including what topics they need to prepare for to do well at technical interviews, and provide a training plan that they can follow to achieve the best results possible.”

GitLab 9.3 now available
GitLab 9.3 released with new ways to improve code quality, and manage complex projects. The latest release features Code Quality reports and multi-project pipeline graphs.

Code Quality reports are displayed within the Merge Request widget, and designed to provide insights into how changes will impact code, and speed up the time it takes to catch mistakes. Multi-project pipeline graphs enables teams to understand the relationship between their different projects, and how upstream and downstream project pipelines exist.

Other features include: the Conversational Development Index, protected variables, centralized audit log and extended user audit actions, repository settings, and JIRA setting improvements.

Google updates WebView
Google is committed to making sure Android applications are safe and protected against untrusted content, which is why the company announced many improvements to WebView security. Key features include isolating the renderer process with Android O, incorporating safe browsing protections to detect potentially dangerous sites, and enabling safe browsing.

“The processing of external and untrusted content is often one of the most important functions of an app. A newsreader shows the top news articles and a shopping app displays the catalog of items for sale. This comes with associated risks as the processing of untrusted content is also one of the main ways that an attacker can compromise your app,”  Xiaowen Xin and Renu Chaudhary from the Android Security Team, wrote in a post.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build
Windows Insiders are getting a new Windows 10 PC preview this week. Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226. It includes new features in Microsoft Edge, more EPUB improvements, improved favorites experience in Microsoft Edge, emoji updates, OneDrive files on-demand, touch keyboard improvements, and gaming improvements.

In addition, it provides a number of bug fixes, includes mixed reality improvements, and a number of new performance enhancements.

The full list of changes is available here.