To assist with developers working on multiple operating systems and form factors, Embarcadero is trying to simplify the development process with a new product it’s launching: Appmethod.

Appmethod is a multi-device application development platform designed to quickly enable developers to build apps for Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows.

“Appmethod is a game-changer for developers,” said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of products at Embarcadero. “It increases their effective programming throughput up to 20x over platform vendor tools.”

Similar to other software development tools that try to provide a single source code solution to build apps across all platforms, Appmethod also uses one codebase. But what makes its codebase different is that it is native code compiled that runs directly on the CPU, according to John Thomas, director of product management at Embarcadero.

Building native code-complied apps ensures fast, fluid and responsive applications that don’t compromise user experience, Thomas said. It also allows Appmethod to work without any runtime JavaScript interpreters or virtual machines.

Appmethod also provides more than 100 cross-platform UI controls; data access APIs that can connect to SQL databases or integrate local, cloud and enterprise data; a full-featured integrated development environment; integrated remote debuggers; and analysis tools.

“Appmethod is not just about the client-side and mobile development,” said Thomas. “It’s about all the pieces needed to build modern apps.”

Appmethod will be available tomorrow as an annual subscription for individuals and businesses. The initial version uses the Object Pascal programming language. A projected June update for Appmethod is expected to include C++.