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SD Times news digest: Rookout’s debugging solution for Electron, Embarcadero’s free community editions and the VirtualLink specification

Debugging company Rookout has announced it is bringing its remote live debugging solution to Electron. Electron is an open-source framework for building web solutions with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Rookout’s debugging solution will enable developers to gain insights into the data and code from a live Electron app, rather than having to gain the insights … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google’s Graphics API Debugger, InfluxData joins Eclipse IoT Working Group, and RAD Studio 10.2.2

Google has released a new tool called GAPID, which stands for Graphics API Debugger. The tool will be able to help developers diagnose both rendering and performance issues within their applications. It enables them to go through each graphics command one by one to visualize how the final image is built and pick out problematic … continue reading

Embarcadero’s RAD Studio 10.2 released with Linux support

Embarcadero wants to help developers build cross-platform native apps faster with the latest release of its RAD Studio. According to the company, RAD Studio 10.2 is a milestone release with Linux support, improved IDE menus, new features, and enhanced C++ performance. The latest version features its first LLVM-based Linux compiler for enterprise development. The Delphi … continue reading

Swift announces new project lead, Embarcadero updates RAD Studio, and Spare5 relaunches as Mighty AI—SD Times news digest: Jan. 11, 2017

Swift is welcoming Ted Kremenek as the new project lead for the Swift project—a change that will not impact day-to-day operations, according to Chris Lattner, Swift and Xcode head, in an announcement. Lattner added that he is still completely committed to Swift, but will move from Apple to Tesla to become the company’s vice president … continue reading

The State of DevOps survey, Facebook releases Chef cookbooks, and Khronos introduces provisional specifications—SD Times news digest: April 18, 2016

Puppet is inviting developers to take its annual State of DevOps survey. Through this survey over the years, Puppet has been able to survey more than 20,000 technical professionals and learned about IT and organizational performance. This year, Puppet has added new areas of research that reflect the community’s concern with DevOps. These areas include … continue reading

Microsoft joins Eclipse, Embarcadero squares in on developers, and AlphaGo beats worldwide Go champion—SD Times news digest: March 9, 2016

Microsoft is looking to collaborate more closely with the Eclipse community as a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation. This move will allow Microsoft to develop tools and services to all development teams, as well as to continuously improve its cloud services, SDKs and tools. “Microsoft delivers a number of Eclipse-based tools today. The Azure … continue reading

Embarcadero adds Solution Pack to RAD lineup

Embarcadero Technologies yesterday released an add-on pack for its IDEs. This pack, known as the RAD Solution Pack, includes all of Embarcadero’s VCL and FMX components for use with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. Michael Swindell, senior vice president of products at Embarcadero, said, “Developers today require a variety of components when building modern business … continue reading

Embarcadero focuses on IoT in latest release

This year is the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), according to Embarcadero’s John Thomas. And to help developers prepare for it, Embarcadero is releasing RAD Studio XE8 with connectivity solutions. “The Internet of Things is going to have the largest impact that technology has had in a long time,” said Thomas, director of … continue reading

CA Technologies terminates plans to sell its data modeling business ERwin

CA Technologies is no longer in agreement to sell its CA ERwin data modeling solution to Embarcadero, the company announced yesterday. Embarcadero first announced plans to acquire ERwin back in March, stating that data architecture was the biggest part of its business and that the addition of CA’s ERwin technical team and deep data modeling … continue reading

Embarcadero extends existing Windows apps to mobile devices

With the emergence of mobile devices, connected gadgets and wearables, developers need to extend their app development to fit new devices and form factors. Embarcadero wants to help simplify the process; the company has announced RAD Studio XE7, its solution to build connected apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, as well as gadgets … continue reading

Embarcadero targets multi-device app development

Embarcadero launches Appmethod, a component-based application development platform to build multi-device apps … continue reading

Embarcadero adds Android, MBaaS support to RAD Studio

RAD Studio XE5 expands developers’ ability to create “true native” apps … continue reading Protection Status