As developers are increasingly being charged with creating cross-platform mobile apps, UI development tool provider Infragistics recently announced NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 2, a developer productivity suite that now includes two new tool sets for creating native Android and iOS apps.

Adding to the suite’s longtime support of Microsoft’s platforms, Infragistics has expanded it with a new Android Community Pack called Iguana, and a UI tool set for iOS development called NUCLiOS.

“For two decades, customers have turned to Infragistics to build the best in state-of-the-art UIs for Windows platforms and the Web,” said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. “For the first time in our history, we bring Apple iOS developers into the Infragistics ecosystem with our native NUCLiOS UI controls.”

The NUCLiOS tool set is the first commercial-class and enterprise-supported UI toolkit for iPad development, according to the company. It allows developers to create native iOS apps for both consumer and enterprise mobile users by offering them controls that include an advanced data grid and set of charts suitable for both markets.

Iguana, the Android Community Pack, is a set of free controls developed by Infragistics in conjunction with the Android developer community. The closed-source library of controls is designed and tuned specifically to the mobile Android platform, the company said.

Along with the new Android and iOS support, NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 2 also includes new Windows UI-inspired themes and touch-gesture support across Infragistics’ HTML5/jQuery, XAML, ASP.NET, and Windows Forms tool sets. Grids and charts have also been enhanced in the jQuery, XAML and ASP.NET tool sets. The company has also added cross-platform support for Visual Studio 2012.

The Ignite UI tool set (formerly called NetAdvantage for jQuery) also includes new data-visualization, data-chart and geospatial mapping controls, which can help developers create apps for any browser, platform or device. NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 2 sells for US$1,895 with standard support, and $2,395 with priority support, the company announced.