Intel’s Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE) is on its way. The company announced the upcoming availability of its native cross-platform development suite at Mobile World Congress. Intel INDE features a range of components that allow developers to compile, analyze, develop and ship applications on Windows and Android platforms.

Also announced was that the Intel INDE Media Pack for Android will take advantage of Audible Magic’s automated content recognition (ACR) software development kit. The SDK allows developers to write applications that identify or synchronize audio or video content.

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“The Intel INDE Media Pack provides a complete suite of video and audio libraries to help developers maximize productivity and deliver compelling, rich media experiences with native performance,” said Jeff McVeigh, general manager of Performance Client and Visual Computing Software Development Tools at Intel. “We are excited to be working with Audible Magic to provide developers with robust and accurate ACR technology to unleash innovative capabilities on Intel platforms.”

Audible Magic was also selected to the Intel Software Premier Elite Partner program.

More information is available here.