Orasi Software, a leading software testing services provider, formally entered the mobile testing market today with the unveiling of its new Orasi Mobile Testing division. Orasi now offers fully integrated, automated mobile application testing solutions through a partnership with HP and Perfecto Mobile.

Mobile applications’ functionality and performance are critical to the applications’ success once deployed as mobile users have very low tolerance for flaws. Mobile application consumers expect their applications to be reliable, secure, and robust. In order for organizations to capitalize and succeed in the mobile space, they must be able to deliver high-performing and high-functioning applications regardless of mobile operating systems, networks or end-user location.

Testing applications on real mobile devices is critical to success, but can often be cumbersome and time consuming. At the same time, customers must be able to conduct performance tests and need the ability to simulate real-world network conditions. Orasi’s Mobile Testing services address these challenges by providing organizations with an automated and cloud-based approach to delivering mobile application.

Customers can now: 
· Accelerate time-to-market of high-quality mobile applications by automating functional testing by leveraging a new private cloud testing environment that contains popular mobile devices to conduct localization, usability, and device compatibility tests;
· Increase end-user satisfaction by testing application performance in real-world network conditions prior to deployment for more precise and reliable mobile application performance testing; and
· Enhanced protection with new security services to remove application security vulnerabilities at the source and enables secure applications built for mobile devices.
“Business success in the mobile space is highly dependent upon providing mobile users with quality applications that drive positive brand recognition and competitive differentiation,” said Joe Schulz, director of mobile testing, Orasi Software. “The new Orasi Mobile Testing services provide organizations with a simple to-use, on-demand resource to accelerate the time-to-market of high-quality applications regardless of the mobile device or network.”

Orasi’s mobile application testing services include:
· Device compatibility testing
· Localization testing
· Mobile application test automation
· Network testing and emulation
· Performance testing
· Real device testing
· Security testing services
· Usability testing