Swedish startup Robotium Tech today launched the Robotium Recorder, the company’s first commercial tool designed to eliminate Android test scripting.

The Robotium Recorder is a test-case recorder integrated with the Robotium test automation framework for Android. The recorder includes a feature called Click To Assert, which the company claimed has reduced the time spent writing test scripts by 90%. The recorder also ships with an Eclipse IDE plug-in and full support for native and hybrid Android apps. It automatically detects resource IDs and supports binary APKs with source code.

Robotium Tech founder (and Robotium framework cofounder and developer) Renas Reda launched the startup in 2013 with financing from software design company Jayway, whose CEO, Mats Weidmar, stated that Robotium’s tools have and will continue to be open source with input from the Android developer community.

The initial Robotium framework enables writing of powerful and robust automatic black-box tests for Android applications so that test-case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios spanning multiple Android activities.

For more information about the Robotium Recorder, visit the product page.