In 2012, Canonical announced the “Ubuntu for Android” project to unite the most popular Linux-based desktop OS with the most popular Linux-based mobile OS.

Two years later, the project is no longer in active development.

In a bug report on Launchpad, Ubuntu’s issue tracker, Canonical’s Matthew Paul Thomas stated:

“[The website] describes Ubuntu for Android as ‘the must-have feature for late-2012 high-end Android phones.’ Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development, so this page should be retired, along with [the features section].”

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The bug report has since been restricted from public view, but in a statement to Android Authority, Canonical stated that while the project is not completely dead, Canonical is currently focusing on pushing Ubuntu for Phones. The company is open to working with partners on Ubuntu for Android, but will not proceed with further U4A [Ubuntu for Android] development unless they can form a partnership with an OEM partner to launch it.

“We still believe that U4A is a great product concept and that consumers would welcome the feature,” the statement read. “The development within Ubuntu for U4A is complete. To take the development further requires a launch partner in order to make the necessary modifications on the Android side.

“We are currently not in concrete discussions with launch partners, but we are still very much open to such a partnership. We are focused on Ubuntu for Phones at the moment, therefore we are not actively pushing for Ubuntu for Android. However, if a prospective partner steps forward, we are very much open to launching Ubuntu for Android.”