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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS improves installation process, overall developer experience

Canonical has announced the release of a new Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, also codenamed as Noble Numbat, introduces several new features that will be appealing for developers. “20 years in the making. Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings together the latest advancements from the Linux ecosystem into a release that is … continue reading

How to protect the fundamentals of open source

The concept and promise of open source has been around for decades. It’s thriving in the industry today. While commercialization strategies around open source continue to evolve and disrupt, purveyors of open-source software cannot lose sight of what makes it such a powerful force for innovation. Looking back over the past 20 years of software … continue reading

Canonical’s chiselled Ubuntu containers increase efficiency by only providing necessary components in images

Canonical has announced that its chiselled Ubuntu containers are now generally available. These are ultra-small OCI images that just deliver an application and its runtime dependencies, leaving out things like operating system-level packages, utilities, or libraries.  According to Canonical, not including unnecessary components in the final image reduces bloat, increases efficiency, and reduces attack surfaces.  … continue reading

Charmed Kubeflow 1.7 adds support for serverless ML workloads

Canonical, the publishers of the Ubuntu operating system, have announced the latest version of Charmed Kubeflow, its open-source MLOps platform. Charmed Kubeflow 1.7 adds the ability to run serverless ML workloads, which increases developer productivity by reducing routine tasks and handling infrastructure for them. Another win for developers is that new dashboards will improve user … continue reading

Canonical launches security-focused subscription for Ubuntu

Canonical has officially released its subscription-based and security-minded version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Pro. This offering was first launched as a beta last October. What distinguishes Ubuntu Pro from the freely available version of Ubuntu is that it offers timely patches, hardening and compliance standards, and includes security support for 23,000 more packages than the main … continue reading

Canonical and Vodafone bring smartphones to the cloud with Anbox Cloud

Today at Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, Canonical and Vodafone unveiled a prototype of their cloud-based smartphone. The phone makes use of Canonical’s Anbox Cloud technology, which is a virtualization technology for Android that lets mobile applications be streamed. In this new device prototype, only basic functionality remains on the phone itself, … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Canonical announces Charmed Kubeflow updates; CodeLogic unveils new plugin for JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA; First preview of .NET Community Toolkit v8.0.0

The team at Canonical, the provider of Ubuntu, today announced the release of the MLOps platform, Charmed Kubeflow 1.4. With this, data science teams are empowered to collaborate on AI/ML innovation from concept to production on any cloud. The solution is free to use and can be deployed in any environment without constraints, paywall, or … continue reading

SD Times news digest: NuGet 6.0; .NET MAUI Preview 10; Contrast Security $150 million in Series E funding

Microsoft announced that NuGet 6.0 is being included in Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6.0 out of the box. NuGet 6.0 can also be downloaded for macOS, Windows, and Linux as a standalone executable. The NuGet tooling assists developers in discovering new .NET packages to use for their .NET applications, while also making package management … continue reading

Ubuntu 21.04, also called Hirsute Hippo

Ubuntu 21.04 now available with a smoother graphics experience

Canonical has released the latest version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 21.04 includes native Active Directory integration, a smoother graphics experience, and a redesigned dark mode. “Native Active Directory integration and certified Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu are top priorities for our enterprise customers.” said Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical. “For developers and innovators, Ubuntu 21.04 delivers … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Ubuntu 19.04, Zephyr LTS release, and Mozilla’s Pyodide project

Canonical, providers of the Ubuntu operating system, released version 19.04 of its flagship product, which focuses on open infrastructure, developer desktop and IoT. Ubuntu 19.04 integrates innovative open infrastructure projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph with advanced life-cycle management for multi-cloud and on-prem operations. In 19.04, multiple instances of the same snap can be … continue reading

Ubuntu Core 18 released with advanced security for IoT and embedded devices

Canonical has released Ubuntu Core 18 with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS now available on high-security embedded devices. Ubuntu Core is a smaller version of Ubuntu designed for applications such as IoT devices or large-scale cloud container deployments. According to Canonical, devices built using Ubuntu Core are more resistant to tampering and corruption because any component can … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Snapcraft

Canonical, the company behind operating system and Linux distribution Ubuntu, is looking to help developers package, distribute and update apps for Linux and IoT with its open-source project Snapcraft. According to Evan Dandrea, engineering manager at Canonical, Snapcraft “is a platform for publishing applications to an audience of millions of Linux users.” The project was … continue reading Protection Status