Ubuntu 21.04, also called Hirsute Hippo

Canonical has released the latest version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 21.04 includes native Active Directory integration, a smoother graphics experience, and a redesigned dark mode.

“Native Active Directory integration and certified Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu are top priorities for our enterprise customers.” said Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical. “For developers and innovators, Ubuntu 21.04 delivers Wayland and Flutter for smoother graphics and clean, beautiful, design-led cross-platform development.”

Active Directory administrators will now be able to manage Ubuntu workstations, which will help simplify compliance. In addition, administrators can configure settings from a domain controller and use a Group Policy client to specify security policies on connected devices.

Wayland graphics are now also enabled by default. This, in combination with the new Flutter SDK, provides a smoother graphics experience, Canonical explained.

The new Flutter SDK makes it easier for developers to publish multi-platform Flutter apps, according to Canonical

“Canonical has been a fantastic contributor to Flutter, enabling Linux desktop support in Flutter and opening up the opportunity to bring high-quality Flutter apps to Linux. We look forward to our continued partnership in making Flutter the best choice for app developers, no matter which platform they target,” shared Chris Sells, Product Manager, Flutter.

Finally, the redesigned dark mode, Yaru, offers accessibility improvements for navigation and new file icons.