The Android for Cars App Library version 1.1 is now in alpha, which brings new features to developers such as a sign-in template, a long message template, multiple-length text and map interactivity.

The sign-in template allows users to sign in to their app directly from the car screen while parked and the long message template allows them to show long messages like terms of service to users as part of the setup flow while parked. 

The library features are available for testing only with the Desktop Head Unit. Additional details are available here

.NET MAUI Preview 5 

The new .NET MAUI Preview 5 enables animations and view transformations and introduces improvements to single project templates. 

Several controls now have all properties and events ported to handlers from the renderer architecture of Xamarin.Forms including ActivityIndicator, CheckBox, Image and Stepper. 

Also, the new preview includes the first introduction of Shell, an application container that provides URI navigation and a quick way to implement flyout menus and tabs. 

Amazon launches AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio 

The newly launched Workflow Studio is a low-code visual tool that helps users learn Step Functions through a guided interactive interface. 

Workflow Studio makes it easier for developers to build serverless workflows by focusing on high-value business logic while reducing the time spent writing configuration code. 

Workflow Studio simplifies the building of enterprise applications such as e-commerce platforms, financial transaction processing systems or e-health services. 

Red Hat Process Automation latest release 

The latest release of Red Hat Process Automation advances the development of decision services for Red Hat OpenShift and cloud-native environments with new Kogito-based capabilities.

Developers will also now have access to additional features that enable them to set business rules and more effectively create decision microservices on Quarkus with access to low-level Drools Rule Language and generators to provide automated REST and OpenAPI endpoints from the DMN models and DRL rules.

“Enterprise business and IT leaders are continuing to employ process automation to automate operations, effectively utilize time and resources and make way for new digital innovation. The release of Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.11 provides users with advanced tools that help them automate complex business decisions and procedures in order to digitally transform their organizations,” said Rich Sharples, the senior director of product management at Red Hat.

Apache weekly update

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Drill 1.19 which adds the Cassandra, Elasticsearch, XML, and Splunk Storage plugins. 

Also new this week are  Apache Druid 0.21.1, PDFBox 2.0.24, Jackrabbit 2.20.3, Pulsar 2.8.0, Chainsaw 2.1.0, NLPCraft 0.8.0 in incubating, SkyWalking 8.6.0 and Tomcat 8.5.68 and the alpha release 10.1.0-M1.

Two vulnerabilities were found: one in which a carefully crafted PDF file can trigger an infinite loop while loading a file and the other that involves denial of service vulnerability in parsing JSON.

Additional details on all of the news from the Apache Software Foundation is available here