The Android team has announced a production-ready version of Oboe, which is a C++ library that can be used to create real-time audio apps with low latency. According to the team, developers can use Oboe to create an audio stream in only three lines of code.

Benefits of Oboe include a convenient C++ API, fast release process, less guesswork, and that it is open-source and maintained by Google engineers, according to the company. In addition, Google will be providing documentation, cloud samples and API reference.

Qt Creator 4.8 Beta released
Qt Creator 4.8 Beta is now available. This release adds experimental support for the language server protocol, which will enable support for many more programming languages.

New features on the C++ side include compilation database projects, Clang Format-based indentation, and Cppcheck diagnostics. It also added support for running debuggers on more than one executable at the same time.

Web streaming connectivity platform announced
Event-driven web technology provider Kaazing has announced the release of, a web streaming connectivity platform. will enable developers to launch scalable application and systems that rely on web standards, rather than vendor SDKs.

According to the company, has three key capabilities: Kafka web streaming, REST acceleration, and IoT ingestion.

“Whether it is going mobile, adopting hybrid IT or interconnecting disparate systems data has to be streamed over the web. Achieving such data delivery at scale in a secure and cost-effective manner is a great challenge and we’re excited to offer a solution that alleviates developers from having to solve this problem” said John Fallows, Kaazing founder and CTO.

Tresata accepts $50 million growth capital investment
Analytics company Tresate has announced a $50 million growth capital investment, bringing the company’s total value to $1 billion. The investment comes from GCP Capital Partners, and represents the first funding that Tresata has accepted from an institutional investor.

“This investment is a major endorsement of our clients’ confidence in the power of our software and the strength of our business model,” said Abhishek Mehta, co-founder and chief executive of Tresata. “Our software is uniquely able to automate data analysis to solve for complex business problems, allowing decision-makers to address industry’s and society’s biggest challenges.”