“Some sites like Yelp go further and refuse to even serve pages to Tor users. The solution I envision is to get a person who is both technical and good at activism to focus on this topic.”

For those interested in addressing the problem, but not interested in the fellowship program, Tor is willing to help find other sources of funding as needed.

MIT Bitcoin Club app contest winners announced
he winners of the MIT Bitcoin Club’s Bitcoin app development contest have been announced, awarding a total of $15,000 to six different app development teams.

Since the club’s announcement in June of its plans to distribute $100 in bitcoin to every MIT undergrad this semester, the contest has been underway to kickstart development of bitcoin apps and drive engagement with the cryptocurrency on the MIT campus. The winning app, Ethos, is a platform for building and maintaining private online identification using the Bitcoin block chain.

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Another prize, the Awesome Award (worth $1,500), was awarded to Fireflies, a social favor app that utilizes Bitcoin.

The MIT Bitcoin Club will distribute $100 in bitcoin to each student sometime this month.