Xamarin has announced support for Android 9.0 in the latest preview release of Xamarin.Android for Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac. The download is available today in the Visual Studio Preview channel and Visual Studio for Mac Beta channel.

New features introduced in Android P include display cutout, notification enhancements, indoor positioning, and multi-camera support.

Google reveals five tips for developing Actions
Google has released five tips for developing Actions in the new Actions console. The five tips are:

  1. Use theme customization to optimize Actions for new surfaces
  2. Use built-in intents to make Actions easier to discover
  3. Use Action Links to promote Actions
  4. Test using the web simulator and alpha/beta environments to ensure that Actions are high-quality
  5. Measure success using analytics

Siemens acquires Mendix for $730 million in cash
Siemens has announced it is acquiring Mendix for $730 million in cash, in addition to a multi-year investment to accelerate R&D and the global footprint of Mendix’s platform. Mendix is a low code development provider.

“As the world around us gets increasingly connected, organizations are facing increasing challenges to cope with vast amounts of data and customers are increasingly expecting entirely new experiences and interactions. New technologies like VR, IoT and AI will drive an incredible convergence between the digital and physical worlds, creating entirely new industries and business moments in which people, data, businesses and things work together, dynamically,” Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix, wrote in a post.

CA Technologies participates in the “Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers” research project
CA Technologies has announced it is participating in the “Privacy and Data Protection for Engineers” European research project. The project is providing developers with tools and methodologies to apply Privacy by Design into the applications they create. According to the company, the project will allow users of those applications to better comply with legislation such as the GDPR.

“We know that for privacy protection to be effective, it must be proactively addressed throughout the entire software development cycle – a process we call “Privacy by Design,” said Otto Berkes, EVP & CTO for CA Technologies. “Regulation often only provides abstract guidance which means software engineers struggle with translating its goals into development specifics, while data privacy specialists lack the mechanisms to implement and validate compliance,” he added.