Tuxera Inc., the market leader in interoperable file system technologies, announced today a major implementation advancement of the FAT file system. Tuxera FAT provides significantly faster data transfers, much improved application responsiveness, data preserving fail-safe operation and power saving benefits.

The over 30 years old FAT file system, including FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32, is the most popular file system used in various consumer electronic devices today.

Due to the rapid data explosion combined with quick advances in processing power and storage media, the requirements for file systems are quickly changing. The old FAT file system is not an optimal fit for modern computing devices where users record vast amounts of pictures, full-HD videos, and store the most important personal data.

The all-new Tuxera FAT delivers outstanding performance, reliability and interoperability in one package, similar to the widely deployed and proven Tuxera exFAT and Tuxera NTFS. The software outperforms the open source VFAT implementation and tops even Android’s default ext4 file system in common benchmarks.

One of the key innovations in Tuxera FAT is the fail-safe feature, which is missing from open source VFAT. With a fail-safe file system no file is lost or gets corrupted in plug off or power off situations. The highest possible reliability is the result of Tuxera’s decade long expertise in developing and maintaining complex, interoperable file systems.

“We always aim to be one step ahead when it comes to file system technology innovation. Many people think FAT is slow and unreliable but Tuxera’s modern implementation proves that this doesn’t have to be true. Tuxera FAT has superior performance, reliability, and full interoperability at par with better designed file systems,” noted Szabolcs Szakacsits, Tuxera’s President and CTO.

The quality of the redesigned file system has been validated with Tuxera’s customers and partners, as well as during SD Card Association’s Interoperability Test Sessions. The software is available for immediate deployment on Android and other Linux based systems.