One-stop solution to all your professional and personal needs, choose widgets that you require, customize them according to your needs, publish them to websites, blogs, social media  and tap unlimited possibilities. It helps users with no prior software knowledge to design and develop complex forms, presentations, web sites, data grid, web applications, charts, ads and content in various formats, manage projects and tasks, analyze Data and track deals, news, sports, trade Ideas and events without writing single line of code.

Organize and increase productivity by using contacts, Notes, Calculator, City time, Weather, Things to do, Bookmark, Search, Grocery List and lot of other Widgets. View current happenings in professional circle and communicate with friends and relatives. Publish widgets and information as Personalized Toolbar.

Small businesses can create websites, funding requests, video galleries, dynamic content and business solutions and publish them on online by just few clicks.

Developers and Software Companies can develop Widgets, Applications using Form Designer, Presentation Designer, Code Editor, and Ajax Editor and sell them to generate revenue and increase customer base.

Designers can publish their work in various formats like carousel, slideshow, cyclic slideshow, video gallery, catalog and timeline.

Users can publish all these functionality and widgets to existing websites, blogs and social media with just click and paste. This reduces time and money to publish ideas and content online with fast output and results. Helps to create effective online presence, information sharing, create opportunities, increase business and leads. Users will have one more alternative to iGoogle, as iGoogle will be retired. Each widget provides its Video in help & info under option on ‘how to use’.

What separates this product from others is ease of use, content publishing options, widget gallery, theme Manager and configurable user interface where user can choose what, where and how to see the content by changing layout using Layout Manager and adding, removing content using Content Manager. Easily personalize every aspect of web page and application based on user requirement on fly.