Atlassian has revealed it will not be adding Mercurial support to Bitbucket Server, its code collaboration tool teams can host themselves. Mercurial is a source code management tool. According to Roger Barnes, principal product manager at Atlassian, the costs of engineering and maintaining Mercurial support does not make sense for Bitbucket server.

“While it is heartening to see recent developments in Mercurial as an SCM, we have not seen signs of a positive market shift that would justify an investment for Bitbucket Server, especially given strong demand from existing customers for more capabilities based on Git,” Barnes wrote in a post.

Barnes recommends teams who want Mercurial support consider Bitbucket Cloud for Mercurial hosting. “While Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Cloud offer the same primary code collaboration features, they do have different origins, allowing them to optimize for the needs of their subtly different customer bases,” he wrote.

Swift 3.1 released
The Swift programming team has announced a minor update to the language with improvements and refinements. Swift 3.1 features enhancements to the standard library, updates to the Linux implementation of Swift, improvements to the Swift Package Manager, and updates to make the compiler automatically precompile Object-C bridging headers.

In addition, Swift 3.1 adds new sequence protocol members, it extends the @availability attribute, and improves numeric conversion initializers.

GitHub allows teams to disable projects
GitHub user content
GitHub is giving teams a new feature to disable projects on their repositories. “Not every team manages their work on GitHub in the same way. Now you can disable Projects on a repository if you’re not using them,” Ayman Nadeem, software engineer at GitHub, wrote in a post.

To disable projects, users with admin privileges can simply uncheck the projects box. This will hide the project from the repository navigation, issues, pull requests and issue timeline events. Projects can be re-enabled as teams choose.

NativeScript adds Angular 4 support
NativeScript announced support for Angular 4.0. NativeScript is an open source framework for developing native apps with Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript. Angular 4.0 was announced last week with improvements and functionality designed to make Angular apps smaller and faster.

Changes for NativeScript users include: animation libraries, the NativeScript-Angular package, and the zone.js dependency package. The NativeScript team also notes the framework with Angular doesn’t support TypeScript 2.2 yet.

In addition, developers should be aware of two trivial breaking changes. More information is available here.