Aspose products help developers work with a wide variety of file formats from within their own applications. The APIs and GUI controls that we provide save developers days of effort, freeing them up to focus on their own business logic instead of getting lost in file format management and conversion. Many of our products help developers work with specific types of business files: Aspose.Words works with word processing files, Aspose.Cells with spreadsheets and Aspose.Tasks with project files. In October 2011, Aspose announced Aspose.Imaging for .NET, an API for working with image files.
Today, Aspose.Imaging for Java is released.

Aspose.Imaging for Java brings easy image conversion and manipulation to developers who work in a Java environment. As with all of our products, Aspose.Imaging provides features that go beyond the native capabilities of the development platform. It works independent of other applications and although Aspose.Imaging allows you to save to Adobe PhotoShop format (PSD), you do not need PhotoShop on the machine to do so.

Image Manipulation
Aspose.Imaging is aimed at software developers who need to work with images in their Java applications. It is a well-structured API for loading, creating, saving and drawing images. Image conversion is one of the most common tasks that the API is used for, but it has extensive functionality beyond this. The drawing features in particular is useful for adding shapes, building up new images or adding watermarks to images.

Supported Platforms
Aspose.Imaging for Java supports any operating system that runs Java runtime, including Microsoft Windows desktops and servers, Linux, Ubunty, and Mac OS X. It runs on J2SE 1.4.x, J2SE 5.0 (1.5), J2SE 6.0 (1.6), and J2SE 7.0 (1.7).

Free Trial
Aspose.Imaging for Java is available for download. Start a free trial today and see what Aspose.Imaging for Java can do for you and your organization.

To find out more, visit our website or read the Aspose.Imaging for Java documentation.