RhodeCode, a leading player in the enterprise software development market, today announced RhodeCode Enterprise 3, a next-generation source code management system for the enterprise. RhodeCode Enterprise 3 is the only source code management solution that addresses the developer’s preference for choice and flexibility by supporting all major version control systems, Git, Mercurial and Subversion, while providing the control, compliance and security features development managers and compliance officers require. RhodeCode’s latest software features a unified web view of all in-house development projects, fine-grained access controls, built-in code review capabilities, and hardened on-premise and private cloud security features.

Modern Software Development
Today software defines the customer experience for almost every business and that experience must be available in on every platform and in every format; web, PC, tablet and phone. This puts ever greater strategic importance on developing high quality software quickly and efficiently. RhodeCode Enterprise 3 allows companies to deliver quality software far more quickly and efficiently than ever before by allowing distributed development teams to choose the version control system (VCS), tools and workflows that they are most familiar with. Most source code management systems force developers to choose a single VCS, forcing costly transitions; extensive learning curves and can even hamper recruiting the next generation of developers. Large organizations and those growing rapidly need the flexibility to bridge different systems as they adapt to new technologies, evolve their software development processes, recruit new developer talent and acquire companies with legacy development systems.

RhodeCode Enterprise 3  A Balanced Approach
Enterprises have strong control, compliance and security requirements that are often not found in the open source software market where much of the development is done in the public cloud. RCE3 was developed with these requirements in mind. Project managers have a single web-based view of all projects in the organization irrespective of the VCS that enables highly efficient distributed code development and collaboration. In addition, compliance and security is assured via integrated code review stored next to the code, access protection through extensive multi-hierarchical permission management, always-on SSL, Active Directory / LDAP support, and code freezes and extensive change logs for auditing purposes.

“By working closely with our many enterprise customers we have designed RhodeCode Enterprise 3 to meet the exacting needs of enterprises while balancing the need for developer choice with manager controls,” said Sebastian Kreutzberger, RhodeCode co-founder and CEO. “The new release is the only solution on the market that satisfies both the need for flexibility and visibility to accelerate distributed collaborative code development while building in the features needed to meet stringent compliance and security requirements found in enterprises and in companies that are growing rapidly and need to plan for the future.”

Price and Availability
RhodeCode Enterprise 3 is available immediately via download from rhodecode.com, is free up to 10 users and is priced above that on a competitive per user basis.