Version 3.0 of the open-source io.js fork of the Node.js JavaScript V8 runtime has been released.

Now under the auspices of the Node.js Foundation, io.js 3.0 implements changes in buffers for more performant arrays; adds PPC build support and a new dgram error callback; and has changes to freelist, http, the node module, REPL, TLS encryption, and a V8 engine upgrade.

The full io.js 3.0 changelog is available on GitHub.

ASF announces end-of-life for Log4j 1
The Apache Software Foundation’s Logging Services Project Management Committee has announced that the Log4j 1 logging framework has reached its end-of-life and is no longer officially supported. The framework was first released in 1999. The ASF encouraged developers to use the Apache Log4j 2 framework, which features a completely rewritten and more reliable codebase.

More details are available here.