Wikibon, a community formed to help solve technology problems, has released what it says is the first-ever Spark forecast that shows how Spark is changing the industry.

“Our report is the first to show how Spark is remaking the marketplace, presenting not just numbers of users, but also data about what vendors are building and customers are buying,” said George Gilbert, Big Data analyst at Wikibon. “We’re also presenting an overall market forecast that will be a road map to the types of applications built on Big Data, the technologies on which these are built, and how these applications will ultimately reshape customers’ businesses.”

Key findings of the report revealed that:

  • Spark has replaced the data processing engine at the heart of Hadoop
  • Spark is poised to change Big Data apps from batch to continuously streaming real-time apps
  • Spark is making Big Data apps accessible to millions of additional data scientists, engineers and developers

Databricks announces beta release of Databricks Community Edition
Databricks is releasing a free beta version of its cloud-based Big Data platform. The Databricks Community Edition is designed to provide users with access to a micro-cluster as well as a cluster manager and notebook environment to help to make it easier for developers, data scientists, data engineers and other IT professionals to learn Spark. The Community Edition will come with a portfolio of Spark training resources that will be updated and added to over time.

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“As developers at heart, we find value in empowering professionals to tackle Big Data problems, and as a result, we are committed to the development of the Spark engine and the healthy growth of the community,” said Ion Stoica, executive chairman at Databricks. “We’re happy to contribute back to the community by releasing Community Edition of Databricks for free, and we’re excited to see how users experiment with the platform.”

The company also announced the general availability of Databricks Dashboards, a new approach to provide the entire organization with instant access to Spark.

“Decision-makers at all levels require the accessibility of time-sensitive data to understand patterns and predict future trends for competitive advantages,” said Ali Ghodsi, CEO of Databricks. “With the launch of Databricks Dashboards, our customers can now reduce the number of steps required to share insights within their organization, thereby enabling frictionless information sharing between the creators and consumers of business-critical insights.”