Apcera, the leader in trust-first computing, today announced a superior approach to managing Docker in production, securely and at scale. The Apcera Trusted Cloud Platform delivers an enterprise-ready orchestration framework that addresses today’s gaps in container deployment, management and scalability. Unlike other solutions on the market, Apcera was built from the ground up as a single, unified platform to support multiple workloads and ensure that containers are portable and secure, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

As Docker is increasingly considered for use in enterprise production environments, concerns about security and governance as systems of workloads move from development to production grows. The promise of a new agile ecosystem can become diminished as it becomes too costly and complex to manage many Docker images at scale and in a trusted way. As a result, enterprises are forced to cobble together security and management solutions to bridge the development-production gap.

“Once Docker moves into enterprise production, your ability to monitor, update, govern and provide trust begins to break down almost immediately,” explained Mark Thiele, chief strategy officer at Apcera. “The real Docker challenge is how to manage and secure so many moving parts in the wild. Until now, container management was not designed with the realities of Docker in production at scale, or multi and hybrid cloud, in mind. Because Apcera can securely run containerized workloads in production across any infrastructure, public or private, it is the most efficient, secure and scalable platform for making a container strategy truly enterprise-ready.”

Only Apcera allows enterprises to realize the full potential of Docker, with a trust-first platform featuring built-in policy linked with enforcement, plus network nano-segmentation, delivering on a more holistic approach to container management and security. Instead of diverting valuable IT resources away from applications to cobble together open source and point product tools into a custom solution, Apcera delivers a single trusted platform for the safe deployment of containers at scale in production environments. Apcera gives enterprises maximum flexibility with support for any application, any format and any infrastructure.

“With Apcera, we’ve been able to transform and modernize an extremely complex IT infrastructure into an agile architecture that supports scalability, without compromising on security,” said Juan Garcia, CTO of nextSource. “The platform delivers what any enterprise will need as they transition to new models including containers. Scalability, security and flexibility are well-documented gaps in enterprise container management, and Apcera meets all of these requirements with ease, including workload portability and built-in policy and governance.”

Apcera introduces network nano-segmentation to secure Docker at scale
Micro-segmentation provides network isolation and segmentation for workloads at the virtual machine level, making it possible to separate and protect applications in virtual environments by embedding security into the data center infrastructure.

However, network nano-segmentation takes this a critical step further, delivering container level application of policy, allowing workloads to move across infrastructures in a fully secure and compliant manner while policy-based firewalls remain at the container level.

Nano-segmentation provides the most powerful governance and application security available, through a real-time, software-defined network that manages all network communication across a multi-cloud infrastructure.

With the Apcera Trusted Cloud Platform, enterprises can securely manage the complete lifecycle of containers. Features include:

  • Policy controls around container access and to verify the integrity of a container image
  • Operational policies to define container placement, resource consumption permissions and enforcement of thresholds to protect against under or over provisioning of resources
  • Multi-cloud overlay network and multi-infrastructure orchestration for security and application protection with a hyper-defined, policy driven firewall around each application

Apcera enables faster deployment of Docker in production on any number of infrastructure environments, while securely and efficiently governing all assets on a single platform.

For more information about Apcera and Docker in production, email sales@apcera.com.