API management provider Apigee is releasing a number of new capabilities to give users more control and visibility into APIs. Apigee was acquired by Google in 2016, and these new capabilities are designed to enable organizations to easily access Google Cloud services.

The company announced the general availability of Apigee API monitoring, Apigee extensions and Apigee hosted targets.

Apigee API monitoring is a new solution for monitoring APIs, uncovering issues and making fixes fast. It enables operations teams to identify root causes of API issues, provides contextual insights into performance and aims to reduce the mean-time-to-diagnosis, the company explained.

“As APIs become the de-facto standard of building and connecting modern applications, the experience of several stakeholders is heavily dependent on their performance. API service degradation can have an adverse impact on customer experience, brand value, and revenue,” Apigee wrote in a blog post.

Features include monitoring capabilities for Apigee Edge API management, integrated monitoring, precision diagnosis, and contextual insights and alerts.

Apigee’s newly announced extensions are designed to provide access to Google Cloud services such as Cloud Firestore, Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Spanner, according to the company. “ It simplifies interactions with these services and connects to them through a first-class policy interface that an API developer can simply pick from the policy palette and use. Once configured, these can be reused across all API proxies,” Bala Kasiviswanathan, head of product management for Google Cloud, wrote in a post.

Google announced its cloud services are now also available directly from Apigee with Informatica’s integration-Platform-as-a-Service offering. “This extension, built in partnership with Informatica, allows API developers to use policies to discover and invoke business integration processes that are defined in Informatica’s Integration Cloud. For Integration Architects, this release also automates publishing business and integration process APIs implemented within Informatica Integration Cloud to Apigee Edge as managed APIs,” Kasiviswanathan wrote.

Lastly, the newly announced Apigee hosted targets are designed to enable business logic into APIs. “Leveraging App Engine, hosted targets let enterprises run Node.js applications in a native runtime environment. This means enterprises can deploy applications in a native, secure, scalable, and isolated environment where Edge API proxies can call them as target services,” Kasiviswanathan wrote.