David Chiu, director of API Management product marketing, CA Technologies
The CA API Management and Microservices portfolio allows you to create, secure, deliver and manage the full lifecycle of APIs and microservices at tremendous scale, bringing startup agility to any enterprise and ensuring that your business is positioned to capitalize on new opportunities with a modern application architecture.

Full Lifecycle API Management
CA offers the industry’s most robust capability set that spans the entire API lifecycle and accelerates every step of digital transformation with APIs – development, orchestration, security, management, monitoring, deployment, discovery and consumption.

Microservices in minutes
CA is the only vendor with automated, low-code development of microservices from new or existing data sources – enabling the creation and delivery of complete APIs with business rules up to 10x faster than other approaches.

The modern software factory
CA API Management integrates with other highly-acclaimed CA products to solve tough customer problems across the API lifecycle, including rapid API testing, omnichannel security with advanced authentication, and precision monitoring of apps, APIs and microservices.

Trusted by the most demanding customers
CA is named a leader in every major analyst evaluation of API management. Hundreds of enterprise, commercial and government customers trust our military-grade security and success stories in the most demanding verticals, including finance, healthcare, retail, transportation, telecom and others.

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Abhinav Asthana, founder and CEO, Postman
Postman is the only complete API development environment, and is used by nearly five million developers and more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Postman’s elegant, flexible interface helps developers build connected software via APIs — quickly, easily and accurately. Postman has features to support every stage of API development, and benefits developers working for small businesses as well as industry-leading enterprises.

Postman supports API design by allowing developers to create APIs directly within its application. And its Mock Service can be used to mock request-and-response pairs for an API under development. Devs can test APIs, examine responses, add tests and scripts to requests and fully debug an API. Automated testing is also easy with Postman by using the Postman Collection Runner to connect with external CI/CD tools. Postman Documentation is beautiful, web-viewable, and machine-readable; devs can download it directly into their Postman instance and begin working with an API immediately. Devs can use Postman’s API Monitoring to test an in-production API for uptime, responsiveness and correct behavior. API Publishers can use Postman to onboard developers faster, with Postman’s Run In Postman button and Documentation.

All these tools are based on Postman’s specification format – the Postman Collection – which is a robust, executable description of an API. Postman also hosts the API Network, which is a library of Postman Collections for the best and most popular APIs in the world.

Ian Goldsmith, VP of product management, Akana by Rogue Wave Software
Most people think of API management very narrowly, addressing only the deploy and run lifecycle stages.  Robust API management addresses design, build, manage and secure phases. Today’s decisions impact your business now – and your future capabilities.

Rogue Wave Akana provides a comprehensive solution spanning all stages of the lifecycle, helping ensure that our customers build the right APIs, build them the right way, and ensure they are behaving correctly.  

The Akana Platform:

  • Provides comprehensive API design capabilities supporting the authoring and documentation of APIs with import and export of multiple different API Definition document types.
  • Offers the industry’s most complete API security solution with comprehensive support for modern (OAuth, Open ID Connect, JWT, JOSE, etc), and legacy (WS-*, x.509, and more) security functionality and standards.
  • Enables seamless mediation and integration with existing APIs, services, and applications.
  • Controls traffic to protect backend applications and prioritize traffic for high-value applications.
  • Automatically publishes APIs through an intuitive and fully-functional developer portal facilitating self-serviced access and management of APIs and Apps.
  • Surfaces insights from API traffic and developer activity via powerful analytics.
  • Governs the progress of planning, building, and running APIs across the entire lifeycle.
  • Can be deployed across geographic regions with exceptional scale and performance to meet the most complex and demanding requirements.

The depth and strength of our product combined with our experience and expertise helps our customers manage complex technology issues so they can focus on driving new business and measuring the success of their business initiatives.

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