CA Technologies: CA Technologies helps customers create an agile business by modernizing application architectures with APIs and microservices. Its portfolio includes the industry’s most innovative solution for microservices, and provides the most trusted and complete capabilities across the API lifecycle for development, orchestration, security, management, monitoring, deployment, discovery and consumption.”

Akana by Rogue Wave Software: Akana API management encompasses all facets of a comprehensive API initiative to build, secure, and future-proof your API ecosystem. From planning, design, deployment, and versioning, Akana provides extensive security with flexible deployment via SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid. Akana API security, design, traffic management, mediation and integration, developer portal, analytics, and lifecycle management is designed for enterprise, delivering value, reliability and security at scale. The world’s largest companies trust Akana to harness the power of their technology and transform their business. Build for today, extend into tomorrow.

Postman: Postman provides tools to make API development more simple. Over 3 million developers use its apps. Its API Development Environment is available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, enabling faster, easier, and better API development across a variety of operating systems. Postman developed its from the ground up to support API developers. It features an intuitive user interface to send requests, save responses, and create workflows. Key features include request history, variables, environments, tests and pre-request scripts, and collection and request descriptions. It also provides API monitoring for API uptime, responsiveness, and correctness.

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Apigee: Apigee is an API management platform for modernizing IT infrastructure, building microservices and managing applications. The platform was acquired by Google in 2016 and added to the Google Cloud. It includes gateway, security, analytics, developer portal, and operations capabilities.

Cloud Elements: Cloud API integration platform Cloud Elements enables developers to publish, integrate, aggregate and manage their APIs through a unified platform. Using Cloud Elements, developers can quickly connect entire categories of cloud services (e.g. CRM, Documents, Finance) using uniform APIs, or simply synchronize data between multiple cloud services (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, QuickBooks) using its innovative integration toolkit. Cloud Elements provides a one-of-a-kind API Scorecard so organizations can see how their API measures up in the industry.

Dell Boomi: Boomi API Management, provides a unified and scalable, cloud-based platform to centrally manage and enrich API interactions through their entire lifecycle. With Boomi, users can rapidly configure any endpoint as an API, publish APIs on-premise or in the cloud, manage APIs with traffic control and usage dashboards.

digitalML helps the world’s largest companies become digital leaders. The ignite API Product Management Platform provides the only APIcatalog with a built-in lifecycle, with an end-to-end focus on plan, design, build, and run. So enterprises can deliver and manage APIs, microservices, SOAP/composite services, business capabilities, glossaries, information models, mappings, metadata, building block code, and documentation – from intake to any implementation.

Our customers drive participation and leadership in theAPI economy and support large IT Modernization efforts at the same time.  The byproducts: federated microservices architecture, visibility, lineage, reuse, time to market reduced by half, with quality and audit-ready governance.​

IBM: IBM Cloud’s API Connect is designed for organizations looking to streamline and accelerate their journey into the API economy; API Connect on IBM Cloud is an API lifecycle management offering which allows any organization to create, publish, manage and secure APIs across cloud environments — including multi-cloud and hybrid environments.This makes API Connect far more cost-effective than limited point solutions that focus on just a few lifecycle phases and can end up collectively costing more as organizations piece components together.

Mashape: Mashape powers Microservice APIs. Mashape is the company behind Kong, the most popular open-source API Gateway. Mashape is based in San Francisco but has a presence in Europe and Japan. Mashape successfully operates in the API market for more than seven years and offers a wide range of API products and tools from testing to analytics. The main enterprise offering is Kong Enterprise, which includes Kong Analytics, Kong Dev Portal and an enterprise version of the API Gateway with advanced security and HA features.

MuleSoft: MuleSoft’s API Manager is designed to help users manage, monitor, analyze and secure APIs in a few simple steps. The manager enables users to proxy existing services or secure APIs with an API management gateway; add or remove pre-built or custom policies; deliver access management; provision access; and set alerts so users can respond proactively.

NevaTech: Nevatech Sentinet is an enterprise class API Management platform written in .NET that is available for On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments. It connects, mediates and manages interactions between providers and consumers of services across enterprises for businesses or end-customers. Sentinet supports industry SOAP and REST standards as well as Microsoft specific technologies and includes an API Repository for API Governance, API versioning, auto-discovery, description, publishing and Lifecycle Management.

Oracle: Oracle recently released the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. The new service was developed with the API-first design and governance features from its acquisition of Apiary as well as Oracle’s own API management capabilities. The service is providers an end-to-end service for designing, prototyping, documenting, testing and managing the proliferation of critical APIs.

Red Hat: Red Hat 3Scale API Management is a hybrid cloud based platform designed to help organizations build a more successful API program. It includes access control, security, rate limits, payment gateway integration and developer experience tools. Performance insights can also be shared across an organization with clear API analytics and reporting mechanisms, so that APIs can play a more strategic role in helping to deliver new services quickly, easily, and in a secure, scalable and reliable manner.

SmartBear Software: SmartBear Software empowers users to thrive in the API economy with tools to accelerate every phase of the API lifecycle. SmartBear is behind some of the biggest names in the API market, including Swagger, SoapUI and AlertSite. With Swagger’s easy-to-use API development tools, SoapUI’s automated testing proficiency, AlertSite’s monitoring functionality and ServiceV Pro’s virtualization capabilities, users can build the best performing APIs that everyone loves to use. SmartBear tools are available in the cloud or on-premise.

TIBCO Software: TIBCO Mashery Enterprise is a full life cycle API management solution that allows users to create, integrate, and securely manage APIs and API user communities. Mashery is available either as a full SaaS solution, or with the option to run the API gateway on-premise in a hybrid configuration. The offering enables digital transformation and API initiatives that expand your market reach by exposing and sharing data and services with developers.