The API company Kong has announced a new managed service for running Kong Gateways so developers don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure. 

The new service, Dedicated Cloud Gateways, is a part of Kong Konnect, the company’s API management platform. “At Kong, we enable any company to become an API-first company — speeding up time to market, creating new business opportunities, and delivering superior products and services,” said Marco Palladino, CTO and co-founder of Kong. “Dedicated Cloud Gateways makes it even easier for businesses and builders to quickly harness the power of Kong Gateway, the world’s most adopted API gateway. It is the best of both worlds: serverless-like usage that is 1-click for ease of use, while running on fully dedicated multi-cloud and multi-region infrastructure that delivers the best performance and the lowest latency at all times. It truly is the easiest way to deploy modern API infrastructure.”

According to Kong, there are no servers to set up, configure, or manage. It also can handle scaling up or down, based on traffic needs. The underlying infrastructure is reserved for each customer, so customers are never needing to share resources with each other. 

Customers can opt for one of two modes of operation. The first is Autopilot mode, where Kong automatically scales infrastructure up or down. The second option is Custom, which allows customers to choose the size of the instances, which can provide greater predictability and control. 

In addition to Dedicated Cloud Gateways, the company also announced the release of Kong Insomnia 8.0, which is an API development tool. 

This release adds Insomnia AI, which uses generative AI to generate tests. According to Kong, the new AI feature can improve developer productivity by 30%. 

Other new features include support for Enterprise Single Sign On and Role-Based Access Control, support for the Server-Sent Events API protocol, and the ability to see in real-time who is collaborating on a resource. 

“With the introduction of Insomnia AI in Kong Insomnia 8.0, we are reshaping the landscape of API development tools and the market itself. This release marks a major step forward in our mission to simplify the lives of developers, making it easier and more efficient for teams to design, test and collaborate on APIs,” said Palladino.