API platform provider Kong’s vision of a service control platform is coming to life with the announcement of two new machine learning capabilities on its Kong Enterprise API platform. Kong Brain and Kong Immunity are designed to enable organizations to intelligently automate the API and service development lifecycle.

“Four months ago, we declared that API Management is dead and announced our vision for a service control platform. Today, we’re taking a critical step towards fulfilling that vision,” Mike Bilodeau, from Kong’s product marketing team, wrote in a blog post. “As your organization increasingly adopts microservices, you will inevitably face new challenges in maintaining visibility, security and governance at scale. Kong Brain and Kong Immunity leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to improve visibility, security and efficiency across your entire development lifecycle.”

According to the company, automating processes such as documentation, configuration, and traffic analysis enables organizations to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security.

Kong Brain focuses on improving governance, efficiency and visibility with intelligent automation for API documentation by collecting data from the existing platform and generating documentation from that data. The documentation is then pushed back to Kong’s platform and autoconfigured. Kong Brain also enables users to easily map their services and endpoints, the company explained. Other abilities include the auto configuration of Kong Enterprise deployments, auto-generation of documentation,autonomous documentation updating, and the ability to generate a visual map of services.

Kong Immunity uses machine learning to analyze traffic patterns and detect anomalies, which the user will then be alerted of. The solution aims to give users more visibility into traffic behavior, allows them to quickly diagnose issues, and improve security by addressing threats before they occur. It can create a baseline for healthy traffic, and autonomously identify, analyze and address anomalies,

“With Kong Brain and Kong Immunity, we’re reinventing the software industry as we know it today and paving a new path for AI-powered service development and lifecycle management,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO and co-founder of Kong Inc. “By integrating AI and machine learning technology to automate the full API and service development lifecycle, we’re taking the first steps to building a nervous system for the cloud as we drive towards our vision of delivering a powerful service control platform that intelligently brokers information across all of an organization’s services. This is where the future of API management is heading.”