Micro is an API backend that allows developers to write code without worrying about managing backend services as well. 

Micro’s team believes that developers should be empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without any limitations. 

“Too much time is being lost on walking the maze that is the CNCF landscape. Too much time is being lost to managing the complexity of cloud infrastructure. Developers need to get back to what matters, absolute productivity in the software they’re building. For us that means making backend developers super productive,” the project’s documentation states. 

Key features of Micro include authentication, configuration management, key-value storage, an API gateway, service discovery, and PubSub messaging. 

In addition to the free open-source project, there is also a managed version called M3O. The free version includes the ability to deploy from Git, connect from anywhere, zero infrastructure management, public API and private repository support, and a shared hosted environment. M3O adds perks like 2x increased resource limits, Slack and email support, and business day SLA response time. 

The team also recently introduced Micro Services, which offers a set of building block services that can be used in Micro. The initial release includes 10 services: Helloworld, chat, posts, comments, tags, feeds, location, messages, notes, and users.