Kong Konnect platform

Kong announced the general availability of its cloud-native, connectivity platform Kong Konnect with new features to enable reliable, secure and observable connectivity across microservices and APIs. The platform was first previewed last year as a private beta at Kong Summit 2020 with the promise to simplify complex cloud-native workflows. 

“Kong Konnect addresses a massive challenge companies face as they enter digital transformation 2.0, which is characterized by an exponential increase in the volume and variety of connections that need to be activated and secured with lightning-fast speed,” said Marco Palladino, the CTO and co-founder of Kong Inc.

With the Konnect platform, the company explained app architects can separate connectivity concerns from microservices so that developers can just focus on building applications.

The GA release adds multi-geo support for users to physically locate services close to their businesses to ensure compliance. 

The release also adds a consumption-based model so that customers only pay for the services they used. The service is available in three tiers: Free, which allows developers to try out the product; Plus with a freemium model and a pay-as-you-go, credit card-based option; and Enterprise for organizations that want to use the platform as a whole. 

“One day, we will look back in amazement to realize that developers were spending a lot of time building the plumbing, and writing the networking and security code for each service on each platform. Automated cloud connectivity is inevitable – from gateway to service mesh across every cloud, Kubernetes and VMs – and market-leading companies already know this and are offloading this function so that their top talent can focus on application design and feature development so they can continue to outpace the competition,” Palladino added.