Text Control has released a web API-powered reporting platform that helps teams create Microsoft Word-compatible reports in the cloud.

The platform is called Text Control ReportingCloud, and it takes complete TX Text Control reporting functionality into the cloud, making it accessible for all platforms or languages that developers use. In order to make it accessible, it uses an available RESTful Web API that helps to merge MS Word-compatible templates with JSON data from clients like iOS, Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Ruby and others.

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Using the new platform, all documents can be created with a single web API call, no matter if the developer is creating an Android, iPhone, Windows or web app. Invoices and other documents can be created from any application as well, and the web API endpoints will allow developers to manage their templates and create more documents.

Templates can be merged without installing TX Text Control on servers, machines or devices. All that is needed is to merge JSON data is simple HTTP web API calls.

Text Control also published language-specific wrappers that include all HTTP requests and provide classes to manage templates or merge documents. Available wrappers include Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby, and these wrappers are open-source on GitHub.