Visual Studio Code

Microsoft is providing new updates to its open-source code editor and software development framework. The company announced the March 2017 update of Visual Studio Code as well as the .NET Framework 4.7.

The latest update of Visual Studio Code was released to address a number of issues such as losing editor contents when upgrading, and the SCM progress API. In addition, the release focuses on the VS Code’s editor, workbench, languages, debugging, Node.js debugging tasks and extension authoring.

Key highlights of the release include a preview of workbench theming; a new keyboard shortcut; improved text search; ability to copy with drag and drop capabilities; a new debug menu; async call stacks; and the public release of the Source Control API. The new API allows developers to create source control extensions integrated within the code editor.

The .NET Framework 4.7 will be included in Microsoft’s release of Windows 10 Creators Update next week. In addition, the company added support for .NET Framework 4.7 in Visual Studio 2017.

The latest release of the software framework includes: high DPI support for Windows Forms apps on Windows 10; touch support for WPF apps on Windows 10; improved cryptography support; and performance and reliability improvements.

Microsoft is also announcing a new set of improvements for its .NET Framework Documentation, and new search experiencing for .NET APIs. The new documentation is designed to make it easier to read and navigate through docs. Also, the new search capabilities now allow developers to search and filter .NET APIs for .NET Core, .NET Framework, .NET Standard and Xamarin in one place.