Plumbr: Plumbr is a modern monitoring solution designed to be used in microservice-ready environments. Using Plumbr, engineering teams can govern microservice application quality by using data from web application performance monitoring. Plumbr unifies the data from infrastructure, applications, and clients to expose the experience of a user. This makes it possible to discover, verify, fix and prevent issues. Plumbr puts engineering-driven organizations firmly on the path to providing a faster and more reliable digital experience for their users.  

InfluxData: APM can be performed using InfluxData’s platform InfluxDB. InfluxDB is a purpose-built time series database, real-time analytics engine and visualization pane. It is a central platform where all metrics, events, logs and tracing data can be integrated and centrally monitored. InfluxDB also comes built-in with Flux: a scripting and query language for complex operations across measurements.

SolarWinds: The SolarWinds APM Suite–Pingdom, AppOptics, and Loggly—combines user experience monitoring with custom metrics, code analysis, distributed tracing, log analytics, and log man­agement to provide proactive visibility into modern applications. All major types of data are collected, including logs, traces, metrics, and both synthetic and real end-user experience data—enabling proactive problem avoidance and rapid root cause troubleshooting. The suite works across all major application development architectures: monolithic, n-tier SOA, and microservices.

Instana is a fully automatic application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution that makes it easy to visualize and manage the performance of your business applications and services. The only APM solution built specifically for cloud-native microservice architectures, Instana leverages automation and AI to deliver immediate actionable information to DevOps. for developers, Instana’s AutoTrace technology automatically captures context, mapping all your applications and microservices without continuous additional engineering. 

LightStep’s mission is to deliver insights that put organizations back in control of their complex software applications. Its first product, LightStep [x]PM, is reinventing application performance management. It provides an accurate, detailed snapshot of the entire software system at any point in time, enabling organizations to identify bottlenecks and resolve incidents rapidly.

AppDynamics: The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides a real-time, end-to-end view of application performance and its impact on digital customer experience, from end-user devices through the back-end ecosystem—lines of code, infrastructure, user sessions and business transactions. The platform was built to handle the most complex, heterogeneous, distributed application environments; to support rapid identification and resolution of application issues before they impact users; and to deliver real-time insights into the correlation between application and business performance. 

Catchpoint Systems: Catchpoint offers innovative, real-time analytics across its Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Measurement (RUM) tools. Both solutions work in tandem to give a clear assessment of performance, with Synthetic allowing testing from outside of data centers with expansive global nodes, and RUM allowing a clearer view of end-user experiences.

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With AI and complete automation, our all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure and the experience of all users. We help companies mature existing enterprise processes from CI to CD to DevOps, and bridge the gap from DevOps to hybrid-to-native AIOps.

New Relic: New Relic’s comprehensive SaaS-based New Relic Software Analytics Cloud provides a single powerful platform to get answers about application performance, customer experience, and business success for Web, mobile and back-end applications. New Relic delivers code-level visibility for applications in production that cross six languages—Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP and Node.js—and supporting more than 70 frameworks. New Relic Insights is embedded in the platform, enabling customers to do detailed, ad hoc queries for real-time analytics across New Relic’s APM, Mobile, Browser and Synthetics products.

Oracle: Oracle provides a complete end-to-end application performance management solution for custom and Oracle applications. Oracle Enterprise Manager is designed for both cloud and on-premises deployments; it isolates and diagnoses problems fast, and reduces downtime, providing end-to-end visibility through real user monitoring; log monitoring; synthetic transaction monitoring; business transaction management and business metrics.

OverOps captures code-level insight about application quality in real-time to help DevOps teams deliver reliable software. Operating in any environment, OverOps employs both static and dynamic code analysis to collect unique data about every error and exception––both caught and uncaught––as well as performance slowdowns. This deep visibility into an application’s functional quality not only helps developers more effectively identify the true root cause of an issue, but also empowers ITOps to detect anomalies and improve overall reliability.

Pepperdata: Pepperdata is the leader in Application Performance Management (APM) solutions and services for big data success. With proven products, operational experience, and deep expertise, Pepperdata provides enterprises with predictable performance, empowered users, managed costs and managed growth for their big data investments, both on-premise and in the cloud. Pepperdata enables enterprises to manage and improve the performance of their big data infrastructures by troubleshooting problems, maximizing cluster utilization, and enforcing policies to support multi-tenancy.

Riverbed recognizes the need to maximize digital performance and is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with a Digital Performance Platform that delivers superior digital experiences and accelerates performance, allowing our customers to rethink what is possible. Riverbed application performance solutions provide superior levels of visibility into cloud-native applications—from end users, to microservices, to containers, to infrastructure—to help you dramatically accelerate the application lifecycle from DevOps through production.

SmartBear: AlertSite’s  global network of more than 340 monitoring nodes helps monitor availability and performance of applications and APIs, and find issues before they hit end consumers. The Web transaction recorder DejaClick helps record complex user transactions and turn them into monitors, without requiring any coding.

SOASTA: The SOASTA platform enables digital business owners to gain continuous performance insights into their real-user experience on mobile and Web devices—in real time and at scale.