Mohan Kompella, vice president of product marketing at BigPanda:

There are two main ways we help. For large companies that have multiple observability tools, multiple monitoring tools and multiple APM tools, which is basically a majority of the market out there, BigPanda comes in and unifies all of those fragmented domains and teams using those fragmented siloed products. The number one reason why companies choose us is because we are vendor agnostic, we are domain agnostic, we sit in the middle and unify all these APM tools and vendors. 

Secondly, we help with incident management — how you prevent and resolve outages. While APM and observability tools are fantastic at providing the deep, deep visibility businesses need, that forensic data doesn’t become important until later in the process. Teams need a smart detector to connect the dots and find probable causes or culprits, and then they can get into the forensics more.  

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When you have an outage or a massive incident that is crippling to your users or system, BigPanda connects all the dots, connects all the signals together and says here is the problem and here is what we think is causing it. BigPanda excels at that root probable cause, and then your APM experts can come in and dive deeper into the issue. BigPanda sits in the front for the detection problem, root cause identification, and the APM and observability tools can come in to surface the data and resolve the problem. 

Amy Feldman, head of AIOps product marketing, Broadcom:

Broadcom’s AIOps solution is based on open source, allowing it to be an open, agnostic platform, easily integrating different data sets such as metrics, logs, wire, performance, transactional and user experience.  A differentiator is that the solution looks at time, text, topology and training in order to get to the root cause of the performance problem. Our APM plugs into our AIOps platform for increased observability.

We analyze data based on those four spectrums — time, text, topology and training. There’s not one single approach that solves all problems; you have to look at it from different angles, and at all the pieces. And because the platform is open and agnostic, we can then incorporate all different kinds of data, which gives you that extra observability, because the more data that you have across the entire landscape, the better insights you can get out of it. 

There is business-related data, user experience data, APM data, Open Tracing information, network data, and third-party data as well. We treat this data as if it was a first-class citizen, so it becomes part of the topology, incorporated into the data models, and incorporated into the platform itself. So that gives you that greater visibility you need to be able to deliver business outcomes.

AIOps from Broadcom includes our full-stack monitoring capabilities — APM, user experience, networking infrastructure, along with AI and ML reducing alarm noise, providing root cause analysis tied with intelligent automation to resolve issues quickly and improve customer experience.