Failing certification testing can put a damper on an application’s release. In order to help developers through the process, the Windows Phone Store certification and policy team has provided the most common Windows app certification failures and how to avoid them.

“Armed with this knowledge, you can increase your chances of passing certification the first time and publishing your app to the Store on schedule,” according to the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

The leading failure is incorrect app screenshots. App screenshots shouldn’t include any emulator chrome, frame rate counters or debug information, and they shouldn’t be altered or transparent. In order to prevent this failure, developers should use the built-in emulator tool to capture screenshots. “The Windows Phone 8 SDK ships with emulators for WVGA, XVGA, and 720p resolutions,” according to the blog.

Other Windows app certification failures include:
• Missing information to test the app
• App crashes
• Incorrect icons and title images
• Incorrect use of the back button
• Insufficient localization information
• Lack of support for both light and dark phone themes

Tips on how to avoid these failures can be found here.