As a freelance web developer, Alex Kaul is constantly switching back and forth among code, mockups, browser tabs, and terminals, which is multiplied by the many projects he is working on at a given time. In order to simplify his workflow, he created an organizer app called Freeter (officially out of beta), letting other developers and designers efficiently manage their projects without the back-and-forth hassle.

Freeter is a productivity app that lets developers gather what they are working on, but manage it all in one place with easy and quick access, said Kaul. Freeter aims to simplify all kinds of actions, like checking tasks in Trello, or communicating in Slack. So, instead of opening up a browser and finding the right app needed to complete a project, Freeter lets developers click on a tray icon and press a command to open whatever they need.

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Everything can be easily accessed with ctrl + shift + f on Linux and Windows, and cmd + shift + f on macOS. The hotkey is also customizable, said Kaul.

“Finding something in any of the windows I have to open [isn’t] a nightmare anymore,” said Kaul.

To create Freeter, he used HTML, SCSS (a new syntax introduced in Sass 3), and TypeScript. And, to make the desktop app on top of the web development stack and integrate with the operating systems’ features, he used the Electron framework.

Some of the “cool” features he highlighted include customizable dashboards that allow developers to access Asana, Slack, Trello and other often-used web apps. The dashboards also allow developers to execute repetitive commands such as “gulp watch,” and developers can open projects in a code editor, open mockups in a design tool, and have everything organized by projects and workflows.

For developers that need some inspiration on how they can set up their dashboards to improve their workflow, Freeter has a few dashboard examples on its site. Dashboards can be set up for project management, so project tasks can easily be managed and communicated with a team. Developers can also set up UI design dashboards, so all of the UI specs, style guides, wireframes and storyboards are in one place.

The current version of Freeter 1.0 is available as a free download for Linux, macOS and Windows. Developers also have the option of buying the pro package, which gives them unlimited projects and dashboards, user licenses, version updates, and icon customization.